Flash Fiction: Mistakes

This is my entry to Chuck Wendig’s latest Flash Fiction Challenge ‘100 Words on the Subject of Revenge‘ on Terribleminds.com. This time the challenge was to write a piece of flash-fiction on the subject of revenge in 100 words. Yep, not 1000 this time only 100.

It’s quick tricky getting a whole story in 100 words. I hope I managed it.
Let me know what you think.



Joe Turner walked down the alley, the fading streetlights providing little help against the dark.

“Why’d ya do it ?” Said a voice behind him.

“What!” Joe turned “Do what?”

“Don’t give me that bullshit!” the man said before knocking Joe to the ground. “You killed her. I know it was you. You did it.”

“I didn’t kill anyone.”

“Don’t fucking lie to me.” Joe only heard a small click, and saw a glint of metal before he fell to the ground. The floor of the alley grew red, and as Joe clutched at his throat, his life ebbing away, he heard the man say “Die John!”

“But, I’m not…”


13 thoughts on “Flash Fiction: Mistakes”

  1. Nice idea, that was smart. Your opening line is well written, although the line break in between the man’s sentences does imply it’s Joe that’s saying “You killed her… etc”.

    Really like the ending, though, that was crafty.

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