Your Own Story Part 1: Waking Up

choose your own storyThis is the first part of the write your own story experiment. to push the story along simply read the extract then vote on what you would like to happen next. I’ll take the votes and write the next part of the story based on your own choices.  You can get to the Choose Your own Story page by clicking here


The alarm clock blared out its usual unwelcome siren. Jack opened one eye, stared at the clock for a second or two and with one clumsy swing of his hand knocked the clock on to the floor. The clock tumbled and fell out of his reach, and continued to shriek at him.

“Ungh” was all Jack could manage as he reached down to pick up the clock and turning it off.  Jack held the clock in front of his face, waiting for his eyes to register the blur as a time he was able to read. He threw back the duvet, staggered out of bed and put on his shorts.

Jack wasn’t a morning person at the best of times but today after everything that had happened, he had even less patience.

As the events of yesterday became clear in his mind. Jack sat back down on the bed, taking out a cigarette and a cheap plastic lighter.  He calmly lit the cigarette, took a deep breath and exhaled. He sat on the bed thinking and trying to understand why? Was there anything he could have done? Anything he shouldn’t have done? It was so unexpected. Jack shook his head at the thought. no it wasn’t unexpected. A friend dropping by can be unexpected, what happened to him was the wrong side of bizarre and just short of crazy.

His thoughts were interrupted by a loud thump on his front door.

Vote Time: What happens next?

To start you get to vote on two things and the two choices don’t necessarily have to work together.

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2 thoughts on “Your Own Story Part 1: Waking Up”

  1. He should have seen a ghost. Real or not, a ghost is something that we all see every day. It is at once real while simultaneously evoking the past. Ghosts. Srsly. Boo.

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