Flash Fiction: Destiny’s not always a bitch

I’ve randomly generated a writing challenge based on the Seventh Sanctum generators, and this is the challenge it gave me.

“The story must have an advisor in it. A character will drink something alcoholic, and they are surprisingly over-enthused about it.”

I’ve set myself the limit of around 1000 words, so let’s see what tumbles out…


“Can I get you anything else?”

Jack looked up, the past few drinks making it difficult to see the face of the man talking. The only thing he could make out was a bright red mop of hair and olive skin. “Yeah sure, another one’a these”. Jack picked up his glass and waved it slowly in the direction of the barman.

“Can’t help but notice you’re a little worse for wear, there. I’ve seen you in here before, but you normally order an orange juice. Anything wrong?”

Jack laid his head down on the bar and blew absent-mindedly at the puddles of spilt drink, hypnotizing himself on the movement of the ripples and without smiling said “Everything’s… awesome.”

The bartender turned round and placed the drink in front of Jack. “Aha, I see. Well if you did ever need to…”

“Fifteen years…” Jack interrupted, “Fifteen fucking years, and they just threw me out.”

“You got fired? What did you do?

“I lost a little bit of money, that’s all. It was just a mistake. Anyway, I’ve lost them 2 billion dollars.”

“Holy shit, that’s a lot of money.” Said the bartender as he ran a white cloth across the bar.

“Yeah, but it was an accident.”

“Honestly, they could have hauled your ass off to jail so I think you got off lightly.”

“What the hell would you know!” Jack necked his drink and got to his feet. “You’re just… you’re just a fucking bar type guy.”

“OK sorry, I apologise. Let me to make it up to you. A drink? On the house.”

“That’s more fucking like it.” Jack returned to his stool, but after failing to get on it several times he parked one buttock on it and leaned on the bar for support. His gaze wandered back to the bar, snapping out of it when he heard the familiar sound of glass hitting wood.

The drink was bright red, and looked thick.

“What is it?” Jack asked holding the glass right up to his eye to try to focus on it.

“It’s called a Vampire’s Kiss. I guarantee that this drink will make you feel the best that you’ve ever felt in your life, but you have to drink it straight down.”

“Hmm?” was all Jack said before tipping the contents of the drink into his mouth. It was a thick cherry syrup and didn’t taste alcoholic at all. Jack swallowed hard and looked at the barman, a small smile crossing his lips.

“My god, my head’s cleared and I can see, but I still feel drunk. That’s gotta be the best end-of-night drink ever, you should sell it.”

“Nah, that’s not my bag but I’m glad you enjoyed it.”

“Hi?” said a smooth voice behind him. Jack turned and saw what he would so in-adequately describe as a pair of breasts on legs, all wrapped up in a cream coloured cocktail dress. Once Jack had got past those, he looked up to see the face of an angel, with long blonde hair smiling at him. “Can I buy you a drink?” she asked.

Jack couldn’t believe his luck, she was gorgeous, she bought her own drinks and more importantly she was talking to him.

The angel introduced herself as Niobe, and that she had seen him round here a few times, but never had the courage to speak to him. The conversation continued, as did the drinks. Their conversations become shorter and more suggestive, and the drinks become harder, but still jack did not get any more drunk.

By the end of the night, Niobe and Jack were in an alleyway next to the pub. She was doing to him that which only a woman can do, and she was very good at it. Considering the alley was not overly private, not to mention dirty and smelly the couple cavorted all over the alleyway floor.

After several hours they got dressed, and Niobe kissed him deeply. Jack’s head was spinning, he couldn’t believe the brilliant night he’d had.

In fact this was the weirdest and luckiest night he had ever experienced. This would never happen to him again. Jack had been playing stocks enough to know that you have follow your good luck. Sure there had been a couple of ‘incidents’ but he just felt that tonight was his night.

Looking around him he saw an all-night convenience store at the end of the road. Though more importantly he saw the ‘Lotto’ sign flashing in bright red and yellow lights, beckoning to him.

“One lucky 7, scratch card please” said Jack to the anaemic looking cashier.

“That will be a dollar” the cashier returned, her face hardly moving.

After paying Jack ran out of the store, took out his scratch card and a coin and started scratching off the panels

“One moneybag…”

He scratched off another

“Two money bags”

“Come on, make me rich.” Jack muttered under his breath…

He scratched, it was a third money-bag. Jack had won the jackpot. With a howl of joy, and excitement Jack ran through the streets with his arms held high and his face pointing towards the stars.
”Thank you fate. I knew you wouldn’t desert me.”

The last thing Jack heard was a loud horn and the last thing he saw was a very large truck just before it hit him. Jack was dead before he hit the ground.

A couple approached the body, a male with a mop of burning red hair, and a female with blonde hair wearing a cream cocktail dress.

“You know, we could have just killed him on his way to the bar you know” Said the green haired man.

“Yeah I know, but I figured the guy should get one more night of happiness before we, well you know?”

“You’re such a softy” he said with a grin, as he picked up the scratch card from Jack’s hand and tore it into tiny pieces.


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