Flash Fiction: Doomed to repeat…

Back to the random generators, but this time I’m going to CreativeGames.net and getting 3 random words. All 3 of them have to feature in this work of fiction. I’ve set the word count to 500 and those random words are…

  • Witch
  • Throne
  • Courier

Mmmm now let’s see.


“Why?” the king asked before slumping in his throne dead. A wry smile crept over Cordelia’s lips as she looked upon the King’s fat corpse. A knife was sticking out from his heart and his blood was starting to pool on the stone floor. His old eyes staring lifelessly.

The King had thought of Cordelia as a harmless old woman, a hag or a witch; someone for his court to amuse themselves with. They didn’t know the power that she had and now she had set things in motion that would spread ripples of destruction through the land.

Cordelia dragged the red-robed corpse on to the floor and sat on the throne. The doors opened and a large purple-skinned demon walked towards her. As he moved, the floor cracked under his weight and any items of furniture in his way were reduced to splinters. When the demon got to Cordelia he stopped and waited for her to acknowledge him. Arrows protruded from his scaly skin, and although he had sustained various cuts he was un-injured.

“So, you are here?” Cordelia said, turning to look at the demon.

“You have fulfilled your end of the bargain. The king is dead and the land is ours. Are you ready for your reward?”

“I am, Xyloth. I am ready to become immortal.”

“I am not Xyloth. I am to deliver you to him. Consider me a courier.” The demon’s eyes become a brilliant featureless white and the air around him began to crackle. Sparksof blue energy and purple clouds spat and swirled around him. The air tore and a dark purple portal appeared. “You must come with me.”

“Of course. I long to meet your Master.” Cordelia stood and approached the portal, her blue velvet robes flapped and waved as the air become stormy around her. She moved through the portal and as she did so everything instantly become silent and dark.

For what seemed like minutes she floated, not sensing anything. Nothing. Nothing was felt or heard or seen. Except for one speck of light and she was going towards it. As she did so, the speck become bigger and bigger and she seemed to move faster and faster.

A face appeared in her mind, it was the courier and he was laughing. His eyes cruel and unforgiving, his laugh was more of a snarl. Everything became a brilliant white and Cordelia couldn’t see.

As the spots disappeared from her eyes, she tried to focus on where she was. She could hear the sounds of battle, and a quick look around revealed she was back in the throne room. Though she felt different, weaker.

Looking down she saw her hands were now more masculine and they seemed to show signs of age. Her blue velvet robes were now a bright red and her slim figure replaced by a larger fatter one.

The door burst open. A familiar woman was approaching Cordelia. As this woman approached Cordelia recognised her, It was herself. Then the scene become very familiar indeed.

The doppelgänger took out a knife and approached Cordelia.

“Wait! What are you doing? Don’t! I’m…” Cordelia’s voice no longer her own.

Without waiting for her to finish, her doppelgänger stabbed Cordelia in the heart.

“Why?” Cordelia said before slumping in the throne dead.


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