Flash Fiction: Clearly Wrong

Today’s self-given challenge is to use the three randomly generated words…

  • corn
  • glasses
  • joke

…in a piece of 100 word Flash-fiction.

I do have a lot more writing planned tomorrow, I’ll be re-writing ‘Brand New Monster’ but as that won’t count as a new blog entry for the Postaday2011, I’ll be writing something else as well… anything from 100 words to 3000 really. There’s also a post on ZombieChimp I wouldn’t mind writing… all that, and if I have time a seven and half hour day job.

Anyway, too much gibbering not enough ‘100-word’ writing.


In front of her were four full glasses; one with a thick red corn syrup, one clear, one lime green and the fourth was brown.

“Choose!” Said a husky male voice.

“Please, I won’t tell…” she begged.

“This isn’t a joke. Choose well and you can go.”

“Ok! Ok! The clear one.”

She swallowed, “It’s… its water?”

“Well that’s weird, I could have sworn I put it in… oh well, I guess you’re free to leave.” The man gestured towards the door and grabbed another glass. “Go!”

As she ran she heard a thud and the sound of glass breaking.


So, what are you thinking?

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