The Road to Writing – History

I know I said that these posts would start on November the 1st but it occurred to me that I have already done things. Admittedly these things aren’t as focused as I would have liked but with a 9-5 day job rampaging its way through my week and not a great deal of money spare most things have had to wait. However things have been done.

Firstly there’s the blog, this very one you’re reading now. It’s been running for a few months now but has only recently been given the proverbial boot up the backside by the WordPress Postaday2011 challenge. There are plans for this to get it’s own domain next year, which may include a name change if one isn’t available. For now it’s suitable for it’s purpose. I can put serious effort into it’s promotion next year.

At present Cheddar Nightmares doesn’t have it’s own Facebook page. This is something else I can sort out relatively easily. I sorted one out for my gaming blog (ZombieChimp) and it’s a good way for a different audience to get to read my stuff. I’ll also create a suitable Twitter account as well to complete the triangle. Both of these have now been joined into the blog you’re reading now.

I’ve investigated a number of Online Distance writing courses. Both of my shortlisted courses will provide me with the basics for a variety of different writing styles. but i’m still deciding which one to go with. As they both cost around £400,  which-ever one I do choose will have to wait until the new year when I can afford it. I went with distance learning because I figured I’m going to be madly busy next year and will need something a little less scheduled in order to fit it in.

As for NaNoWriMo, I have plotted out most of the novel, I’ve fleshed out the characters and I’m practically chomping at the bit to actually do some writing. I need to fix my computer before Nov 1st though. I can’t rely on doing all my writing at work.

What else?

Oh, I take part in Chuck Wendig’s Friday Flash Fiction Challenges as often as I can. I’ve you’ve read some of my posts on this site, chances are you’ve come across a link to his site.

Erm… and that’s pretty much it. As you can see I’ve got a lot to do and only the rest of my life to do it in.


So, what are you thinking?

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