Flash Fiction: Pushing the Button

button push red flash fictionIt’s quite late and I should get something written, so the easiest way to do this is to set myself the three keyword flash fiction challenge.

The three words are

  • mask
  • lunatic
  • button

and I have to get them all in a piece of flash-fiction of no more than 100 words.


As he sat down in the large wooden chair, his hands and feet restrained and a metal cap lowered on to his head, his expression was completely passive. The crowd he could see through the glass looked at him with contempt and horror. He knew they thought he was a lunatic, yet he didn’t care.

He had tried to be a good citizen; he’d worn the mask that hid the monster for so many years. Now the mask was off, and the monster had won.

He smiled a broad smile as the guard pushed the button, then his mind became clear.


Not connected to the above, but I’ve just heard a great quote from Stephen Fry – “It’s now clear that there are many more people in the world who should be killed, and most of them are Management Consultants.”


2 thoughts on “Flash Fiction: Pushing the Button”

  1. Nice piece of flash fiction – that’s a great idea for doing a post when you can’t think of anything.

    I’ve known a lot of management consultants – I’m not sure if any of them are truly alive – so I’m not sure they could be killed. There’s a writing prompt for you… zombie management consultants. That would be a business with a high prophet margin.

    1. Thanks, it’s amazing how ideas can just disappear from your brain as soon as you try and look at them. They’re like leprechauns.

      I can see their slogan now “ZMC -We died so you could manage better.”

      I think I’ve just found my prompt for tomorrow.

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