Flash Fiction: “Man down!”

Purple medal military awards flash fictionThis is another Flash fiction challenge. This time to create a piece of flash fiction that incorporates all eight of the following randomly generated words


I’ve set my word-limit to be 250 words.

Man Down

The sergeant took the small telescope from his eye and turned to his men who were taking shelter beneath the bay window. ‘Looks like there’s about ten of ‘em.’

‘Ten against four.’ The youngest soldier said leaning forward. A red dot appeared and centered on the young boy’s forehead. A second later and the soldier was dead. The men shouted the boy’s name but he could no longer hear them. The room was momentarily silent except for the TV relaying the news in a foreign language.

‘Son of a bitch! Laser-sights.’ The sergeant muttered before ducking under the window to join his men. ‘This isn’t looking good. I’m gonna have to go out and distract them. When I do, you run like hell. D’ya hear?’

The men nodded solemnly. Sarg smiled, ‘Huh, I was really hoping one of you would talk me out of that. Bring me back to sanity.’ The men smiled sadly at him. The sergeant took off the chain around his neck and passed it to the soldier at the front. ‘You give this to Betty, right?’ The soldier nodded gravely as he put the chain in his pocket.

‘Don’t look so sad boys. We knew how this tour was gonna end. We knew they weren’t gonna run away with their tails between their legs. I do this, and you’ll be home within the hour.’

The sergeant jumped up and ran towards the door. ‘Later’ he shouted to his men.

They ran out of the back door hearing a hail of gunfire behind them.


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