Flash Fiction: The Guard

rusty broken entry doorwayToday’s post is another piece of fiction. This time I set myself the challenge to write a piece of fiction of no more than 100-words that included the following randomly generated word…


I think it ended as a vignette, hope you like.


The house was quiet as he approached. The windows were dark and the only noise as he crept up the path was the crunching of the gravel. He crouched at the front door slowly picking the lock.

The lock clicked and the door popped open. Its old hinges squeaking loudly as it did.

With only a menacing growl as a warning, the intruder was leapt upon by the household’s dog. He wrestled with the dog until it was called off. He saw an elderly man pointing a shotgun at him.

The gun went off.


So, what are you thinking?

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