Another NaNoWriMo Protagonist story

old building farm hill mountains nanowrimoMy novel for NaNoWriMo has three main characters in it (not including the villain) and two of these Bedwyr and Isolde have a fleshing out story written about them. The last one, Darg the Ogre is the subject of today’s post.

It probably can’t be classed as a full-story as it doesn’t really have a plot but again it allowed me to get to grips with the character and how he acts ready for the NaNoWriMo challenge.

Nevertheless it was fun.


NaNoWriMo Preperation

“Oh now this is something you don’t always see.” The Ogre took the tiny flower in his large hands and eyed it closely. “An Aurora Misopis, I believe.”

He brought the flower up to his nose and inhaled. “Beautiful.” Then catching himself “Oh look at me talking to myself. First sign of Madness Darg!” Dropping the flower he set off up the mountain path.

The clouds were a yellowish grey, and the winds were starting to whip at him but even though Darg was a seven-foot tall wall of muscle he was still starting to get cold. His body was goose-bumped, and he hugged himself as we walked. It was no good he was going to have to look for shelter. The weather was getting worse and since the sun had gone behind the mountains it was getting a lot darker. He looked around for anywhere that might offer him some shelter; a house, a cave, a rocky outcrop, anything.

“Pick up the pace, old boy.” He said under his breath. “There’s got to be something just over that hill.” Darg picked walked quicker. He swung his large, muscled arms playfully, and skipped a step every so often.

The mountains got darker and the clouds spat drops of ice-cold rain. As he squinted through the wind and rain, he saw a square of light. As he approached, it became clear that the light was coming from a small window on a small but sturdy stone hut. Darg marched towards the building.

The shutters on the window banged mercilessly and an old oil lamp bashed itself on the grey stone wall. Stomping up the stone path, he heard a dog barking from inside the house, followed by a female voice who said something he couldn’t quite make out.

Darg knocked on the wooden door, his large fist in danger of knocking the door off its hinges. “Excuse me madam, could I trouble you for some shelter on this terrible evening.”

There was a pause, followed by the clanking of several bolts and door catches being released. An elderly woman poked her head round the door. She had her hair in a bun and a small pair of spectacles sat on her nose. She looked up she saw Darg. She saw his large head complete with his long tusks, set upon his powerful shoulders. Her eyes widened, and she screamed, slamming the door in his face and re-bolting and latching the door.

“Get away from here!” She shouted from behind the door, her voice shaking.

“No, please Madam. I wish you no harm. I only want to trouble you for some shelter.”

“I’m not falling for that, you’re an Ogre I know what you’re all like. Violent brutes all of you; stomping over the country destroying things and hurting lawful folk like us.”

“I am an Ogre, yes” Darg explained “Though I am not like the rest of my kin.”

“Well… well how do I know that.” the voice continued from behind the door.

Darg thought for a moment. “Madam? Would you say Ogre’s are particularly strong?”

“Oh yes. I heard of one that could swing trees as if they were sticks.”

“I see, thank you.” Darg smiled  “So in theory if I was one of these Ogre’s that you fear, what would stop me from just tearing down the door?”

“Um, nothing I guess?”

“I see, and do you think you have something that an Ogre would need to keep you alive for.”

“Me?” The woman laughed sarcastically “All I’ve got is this house.”

“Right. Okay, thank you. So we’ve established that I have the strength to tear down the door to get in, yet I have not. We’ve also established there is no reason for me to need you alive, yet I have not hurt you.”


“So, it must be safe for you to open the door to me and allow me to enjoy your shelter?”


There was a few seconds of silence from the beyond the door, before the familiar sounds of bolts and latches. The door slowly creaked open, the woman was standing towards the back of the room, and her dog growled.

Darg had to bow his head as he entered the hut. The hut was small with barely enough room for Darg to sit down. An old bed filled most of one side of the room, and a large blazing fire burned in a blackened fireplace.

The woman eyed Darg suspiciously.

“I really do appreciate this.” Said Darg as he smiled across the room to the woman.

“It’s no problem.” The lady stuttered clearly not at ease with the Ogre being there.

“Would I be able to stay the night? I can offer my services to you if you wish?”

The lady’s eyes widened in disgust “Here, what type of woman do you think I am? I don’t just sleep with…”

“No madam.” Darg interrupted “You misunderstand me. I was thinking more around using my strength or my height perhaps. Do you need something lifted? I wasn’t eluding to, well to that sort of thing.”

“Oh.” The fear in the lady’s eyes melted away. “Of course. You’re not like an Ogre at all, are you?”

“Thankfully not madam.”

“Dora, please” she corrected.


The dog looked up at its owner, sensing that her feeling’s had changed. Dora patted the top of the dog’s head “This here’s William. I named him after my late husband.”

The dog cautiously walked forward towards Darg, he held his hand out and the dog sniffed it.

“Nice to meet you William” Darg scratched the dog beneath his ear, his large hands making the dog’s head move wildly. William barked playfully and rubbed up against Darg’s leg.

“You’re probably hungry. I can get you something to eat if you want. I think there’s some nice cow somewhere.

“No, thank you. That’s very kind, but I’m very tired so much as happened. I think I just need some sleep.” Darg curled up on the floor in front of the fire.

“Busy day, huh? Well I’ll leave you to you rest.” Dora looked around her hut, and realised that Darg was taking up nearly all the floor. “Oh, well guess I’ll turn in too then.”

Darg didn’t hear her, he was already snoring loudly.


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