Flash Fiction: Diary of a Hedgehog

video game tails rings Flash fictionI’m not feeling great, and I’m at home without internet access. I can’t rely on the random word generators or creativity ideas sites so I’m going to have to rely on my ability to come up with ideas for flash fiction just out of my head. Scary! Especially considering I’m only running at about 15% power at the moment.

This piece of Flash fiction will be made even more difficult by the 100 word limit I’m imposing, mainly because I don’t want to handwrite for too long. My hand cramps up a bit, and I feel like I’m a child on his first day back at school after the summer holiday.

So without any further ado and far more words than is actually necessary for a blog post with so few words, I bring you…

Flash Fiction: Diary of a Hedgehog

Day 3

Another day and I’m still feeling this longing to run, jump and curl myself into a ball and spin everywhere. I’m a hedgehog, we don’t do these things… ever! Well except the curling into a ball part.

There are rings floating all over the place. I think I’m here to collect them, but when I get hurt they erupt from every orifice of my body. It’s painful and it leaves me weak yet without them I can get seriously injured, maybe even die.

Another day, more unanswered questions plus that fox keeps following me. I don’t like him.


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