Building my world

With NaNoWriMo only…  five days away. Both nerves and excitement are starting to kick in.

The nerves are not about the writing specifically, but about this new world I am creating. Do I know enough about it to make it compelling? My fear is “No, I don’t” so in these five days I have left I am going to do a bit more World building to help me gel the world in my head.

Luckily just typing ‘WorldBuilding’ into Google gave me so many sites to look at. I clicked on the first one that looked appealing and it took me to a site called and more specifically, something on that site called ’30 days of World Building’. I’m going through those 30 days not over 30 days of course, there’s not enough time for that.

I’m only on Day 6 and I’ve already been asked to think about the various climates of the world, plot devices involving weather, which natural or man-made disasters have shaped the landscape, and how the various races would interact with each other.

There’s still another 25 World Building days to go through but it’s really helping me to think of everything that makes a world.. a world. I’d already drawn a map, and some rough character/race bio’s but nothing in any great depth.

That’s all changing now, I’m actually turning a patchy load of disconnected ideas into a world…. my world.


3 thoughts on “Building my world”

  1. That’s great 🙂 that website sounds really interesting! And you sound more prepared than me 😀 good luck, see you at the starting line!

    Jessica P xo
    My Latest Blog Post: The Search for a Plot (a NaNoWriMo conundrum)

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