NaNo’s nearly nigh

National Novel Writing Month symbolIt’s now less than 12 hours away until NaNo starts.

I hope all you NaNo Planners out there have planned so well that you’d know what to do if the character in your novel bought a breakfast cereal and had to ring up the Customer Service hotline to complain that they weren’t entirely satisfied with the product

All you NaNo Pantsers out there? Well, I guess I hope your underwear is suitably reinforced against impact and wear, as well as having a higher than average level of absorbentcy. To be honest, I’m a planner so I’m not entirely sure what the preparation is for Pantsers… I hope you’re all happy anyway.

I’ve kept the plot-line of my novel relatively secret, there’s background info dotted around in the form of maps and character stories. Here’s my synopsis that I added to the NaNoWriMo site. I admit it’s not the greatest piece of literary fiction to ever grace the internet but it will do until I can pad out the concept during November.


After the ceremony, to make Bedwyr a werewolf and a warrior of the village fails, he reads of an old alchemist who would be able to help him. Bedwyr leaves his village to seek the alchemist, in the hope of becoming a great warrior and making the spirit of his father proud. Venturing across the land he meets his companions; an overly intelligent ogre called Darg and a feisty young bird-fairy called Isolde. Each with a different reason to reach the alchemist, they form a group and set off to find him..

As they travel, dangerous forces try to stop the trio. Overcoming these obstacles they reach their destination where they must each face the truth about themselves and about each other.


Just over eleven hours left, and there’s still a bit more planning for me to do.

Good luck everyone.


2 thoughts on “NaNo’s nearly nigh”

  1. Good luck!

    Preperation for Pantsers:
    (1) Stock up on coffee, chocolate, alcohol, and other drugs of choice.
    (2) Go for long walk/drive/shower and think about characters and ideas.
    (3) Giggle about how clever you are, but don’t write anything down.
    (4) Discuss characters/plot with anyone who will listen.
    (5) Sit down to write.
    (6) Completely change your mind, throw out the “planning” you did in your head, and start writing something completely different that you’ve put no thought into whatsoever.
    (7) Laugh maniacally at the thrill of the unknown.

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