NaNoWriMo: A Good Start

tusk nanowrimoI have to say, and indeed I will say that I am very happy with my start to NaNoWriMo. Not only did I break the 1700(ish) words which I had set as my minimum requirement, but I also smashed all the way through to over 5000 words… Yes, indeed over five thousand words.

I would like to say it’s all down to a steel will and an iron-hard constitution but it wasn’t. I was bribed. I have little shame for achieving in this way but there you go. My girlfriend said that If I managed to get 3000 words written, which would have been nearly double my minimum there would be some very tasty onion bhaji‘s waiting for me with my dinner tonight. I am a man of relatively simple tastes but my love of bhaji’s was enough to push me along.

Not only that but she also promised that if I managed to write 5000 words, then not only would I be treated to bhaji’s but there would also be a heart-attack inducing chocolate dessert there as well.

It’s not something I can expect everyday but it was just what i needed to make sure that my NaNo started with a bang.

I hope everyone got their own word-count sorted for today. If so, I hope you’re treating yourself too, in whatever way you consider appropriate (food, money, snorting illegal substances off the trunk of an elephant) If for whatever reason you’re disappointed with what you wrote today, don’t worry about it, I think you’ll probably still deserve a treat.

Tomorrow is another day, and I think I’ve earned at least a few hours break away from  writing.

Have fun.


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