NaNoWriMo Day 2: Creating the Magic

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"I'm a metaphor."

Day 2 didn’t flow as well as yesterday in fact as I was writing today, I felt that just writing the word ‘crap’ as every second word may have read better. I pushed those thoughts to the back of my head, partly because they are of no help at all, but mostly because if I was being honest three out of every four words should have been ‘crap’.

I hammered out another 2000 words which sees me sitting at around 7000 words, it’s not bad for two days work but even just on Day 2, I can already see huge glaring problems. No doubt they will eventually become less of an issue as the writing continues, but now they’re pretty hard to miss.

My main issues at the moment are…


I don’t think I am describing things enough; landscapes, people, building, illegal lithographs of panda porn. I can see them all in my head (too much so in the case of the panda porn) but then I forget that the readers won’t necessarily see in their heads what I am seeing in mine unless I actually describe things.

The Magic

Now I don’t mean that in a metaphorical ‘my writing is so brilliant it is akin to magic’ kind of way. I haven’t  thought about the way magic works in my novel. Luckily at this part of the book there is not that magic to deal with so it is a very low-key thing. However, at some point really rather soon the ‘lack of planning on magic’ thing is going to bite me in the arse like a radioactive Yorkshire Terrier.

Too Many People

I  feel I may have introduced too many characters too soon. Including the main character I have already brought in seven people. Is that too many people or not enough? I have no real idea, but add this to the lack of description and I think it may be confusing.


The only issue that is something I need to devote time to thinking about is the second one. I do need to figure out how the physics (or maybe in this case metaphysics) of the world works. I’ll dedicate an hour or so to brainstorming it and that should, if I’m lucky sort it out.

I don’t want to dwell too much on points one and three. At this stage I feel it’s more important to get the plot written down. There’s plenty of time after November 30th to worry about description and number of characters, at least there should be.


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