Flash Fiction: Under Pressure

Before I get to the flash fiction,  I’m going to write a short sentence about today’s NaNoWriMo progress.

“It’s day 3 and I’m over 20% of the way through, racking up over 10,000 words.”

There you go, I hope that wasn’t too painfully smug. I’m going to get back to writing a short piece of flash-fiction for today’s post. As I’ve done on several previous occasions, the rules are that it shall be no longer than 100 words and it has to include three out of the below five randomly generated words in it.

  • mouse
  • capital
  • drug
  • aluminium
  • prize
Here we go…

The mouse ran his nose down the thin line of cocaine in front of him. Today he needed its strength, its power.

As he inhaled, his mind was filled with the euphoria and strength the drug provided. His face now a wide grin and his eyes vacant.

When he raised his head he saw his enemy; the cat. He had seen his brothers die at his paws and for days he had stayed in the shadows, too scared to face him. Well not today.

The mouse squeaked angrily and leapt at his enemy.

“Today I will have my prize!”


So, what are you thinking?

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