NaNoWriMo Day 7: Planning for tomorrow

I learned a valuable lesson today. Well, no. Maybe learnt isn’t actually the right word as I knew this before hand. Um? Realised? Yes I realised a valuable lesson today, that’s better. Today I realised the importance of planning.

Planning in this case doesn’t refer to the planning of the plot or characters. It’s not the designing of he world or how conversations develop it’s far more fundamental than that. In this instance I am referring to the small but crucial amount of planing that should be done in preparation for the next days writing.

I didn’t do it yesterday. Maybe I thought that somehow I didn’t need to plan or maybe the loud explosions and gunfire noises of my xBox drowned out that tiny voice in my head saying “Prepare for tomorrow or face the full might of my creative-blocking power” who knows. In either case today started off by being a very slow day creatively.

I stared at my screen, writing half-sentences and then deleting them. I know what should be happening but I just couldn’t get there. This lead to a bit of panicking, and then me using time today to plan when I could have written. In short it set me back. I did write over the target again, another 2000+ words added bringing my total to a little over 17,000 words. but I spent around 6 hours in total doing it. Which for those who can’t or don’t want to do the maths is about 350 words per hour, or 1 word every 10 seconds. Not a great speed.

Anyway, lesson learned and right after this I’ll be planning for tomorrow.

Keep havin’ fun guys and gals.


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