NaNoWriMo Day 8 – 20,000 words or 40% done.

logo 20k NaNoWriMo Day 8Today, well a few minutes ago in fact, I dragged my novel-writing ass, closely followed by the rest of me past the 20,000 words mark.

Everything is really starting to flow nicely, most of my characters have been introduced and the storyline is starting to really go somewhere.

I have looked through my first plotline plan and it’s starting to look very different from the novel I’ve written. I’m not sure whether this is a good thing or a bad thing. Probably a bit of both. It’s certainly good that the story is growing organically, I’d never want to stick so closely to a plan that I feel there is no room for change or improvisation. On the other hand if I stray to far away from the plan, then it will soon become so different that the plan would be of little use, and I would become a ‘pantser’ rather than the ‘planner’ I so clearly am.

The largest change that has happened is that my hero is now travelling with his female friend from the village. In the original plan she didn’t really feature in the novel at all and she would stay in the village when the hero left. I’m happy with the change as it throws in elements of jealousy to the mix, but it still isn’t something I planned for.

I did get a little worried last night when I was watching ‘How to train a Dragon’. There seemed to be a little too many similarities character-wise between that film and my novel. Hopefully, I’m just being paranoid, after all every single element of a book or film can’t be entirely unique, they must all borrow/copy/be influenced by each other.

My next target is 30,000 words, at this point I have earned the right to buy Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim which is out on Friday. The last target would be 50,000 which I can celebrate with a gut-busting takeout and feel pretty darn smug with myself… but I’d best not get ahead of myself, after all even when I hit 50,000 the novel will be far from completed.

To find out more information on National Novel Writing Month, click here to get to the NaNoWriMo official website.


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