NaNoWriMo Day 10: Ignoring the Negative

Mr MenAs my ‘Dailypost2011’ is rapidly becoming  ‘NaNoWriMoDailyPost2011’ it being more often than not the thing that I comment on. I’m trying not to make each post a self-pitying dribble about what I am doing wrong, or about every paranoid niggle crossing my brain.

So, rather than whining and dribble on about the paranoid thing that’s crossing my mind today  (which is ‘Just how far off is the pacing of my novel?’ If you were interested.) I’m gonna skip right past it and focus on something positive.

I’m loving the character I introduced yesterday. If I was to give him a quick description then he would be ‘an ogre with the personality of David Niven’. He’s charming, intelligent and stereo-typically English, and I’m having a lot of fun when I’m writing any conversation with him in it. It’s not that I don’t enjoy my other characters it’s just that I have a better time picturing him in my head, so everything is so much easier.

This is usually were ‘Captain Negative’ would stand up and say something like ‘You like him too much, it will hurt when you have to cut him out’ or ‘He’s only good to you, lose him now don’t waste any more time on him’ or some other such ill-thought out nonsense.

You may be pleased to know that I am ignoring him.

There we go, a nice positive point… well almost.

Did you enjoy it? Good.

See you tomorrow

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