NaNoWriMo Day 16: Look Left, Look Right, Plot Wall!

bricks cementI slammed nose-first into a plot-wall today, luckily after writing the 2000 words or so but still. It’s not a pleasant thought to know that I have to smash through it before I can write tomorrow.

It isn’t entirely unexpected. I’ve deviated off my novel-plan. So much so that what I have written no longer looks anything like my original plan. The end will still work (sort of) but at this moment I’m picking the metaphorical bits of brick from the bridge of my nose.

The points I am trying to connect that are causing me so much grief are the following…

  • The companion is being guided to a tower by his dreams, though who is responsible for these dreams is still in the open.
  • A companion is betraying the hero because the big-bad of the novel is holding something over her.
  • The Big Bad needs the hero’s amulet to cure her father, but the amulet won’t allow itself to be removed from the hero.
  • The Big bad doesn’t want the hero to know about her, for some reason that has long since fallen into the ether.

I’ve tried various things but nothing seems to work in my head, and as the betrayal and the dreams push the hero along in various ways, I’m not sure it can all be left to the end.

There is one dead-end that thankfully I can sort out myself. I wrote a certain section where a large building falls down and the strong sunlight is glinting off the windows (i.e. it is midday/afternoon time). A short while later everything has been resolved but they have no leads until the hero sleeps and has another dream, which if it’s the afternoon leaves several hours of either dull talking or wandering about for no reason.

Solution – rewrite it so it’s late evening, simple.

I know I haven’t provided huge swathes of details about the earlier issue, but if you feel like throwing some ideas my way. I’m happy to embellish the details, if you need me to. I’m always open to ideas.


4 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo Day 16: Look Left, Look Right, Plot Wall!”

  1. Alternately, rather than rewriting the scene, you can say something like:

    The afternoon was spent wandering around aimlessly and talking about dull things, wondering if he’d have another dream.

    … That’s what I’d do. Sure, you can rewrite the scene later, but that’s an extra 20 odd words for NaNo and no time spent editing. 🙂

    1. That’s a darn fine plan, thank you.

      Also, Up until last night the heroes were only ever going to meet the antagonist at the end of the novel in this whole kind of ‘surprise’ thing. Though as I wrote, there was never anything for the heroes to fight against except for the odd bit of environmental obstacle or internal issue. It was becoming a little dull to write so likely dull to read as well..

      So just to give it and me the proverbial boot up the bum, I decided that I would just write the antagonist in. She’ll appear kidnap a few people and seriously screw with the hero. That should mess things up a bit.

      Thanks, again for your help.

  2. You’re welcome. 🙂

    I know what you mean about the lack of real conflict — I’ve had similar problems in previous NaNovels where I’ve been so excited by the overall end-game that everything else is just random wandering around. 🙂

    But I like the idea of random kidnappings. If I was a Big Bad and knew I had a traitor hidden in the hero’s group, I’d kidnap someone else, torment them in a way that leaves no visible sign, then return them to the group apparently unharmed in a way that looks suspicious. See if I could sow unease and distrust until my own agent was the only person the hero still fully trusted.

    Not sure if that makes sense (or suits your story), but my twisty mind went off on an interesting tangent, so thought I’d share. 🙂

    1. Hmmm yes, I can see that working. She kidnaps two companions and returns one, who looks only slightly disheveled. However, they’ve been bugged. probably by a real insect of some kind that shows the big-bad everything they see, but also makes them act weird (Hear voices, see things inside the tower as they were there etc.)

      So, we’d have a known traitor, an unknowingly bugged and weirdly acting companion and a hostage. It would certainly freak out the hero who’s had it pretty easy up to now.

      Perfect… (or at least, very workable and interesting.)

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