NaNoWriMo Day 17: Standing in Plot Wall Rubble

broken wall bricksYesterday I was having some trouble with a rather large and immovable plot wall that had rudely been built right in front of me.  Well, thankfully Jo was on hand and within two (count them) comments she had managed to put me back on track.

So to show you this, I’ve added a small extract from my NaNo below which was as a direct result of those ideas. Hope you like it, and of course please feel free to comment. (Hopefully it’s not too disjointed when it’s not being read in context)

Thanks again, Jo.

‘Let me make a promise to you, fair woman.’ Lung smiled in the way that everyone knew him for, that calm placid smile  ‘If, and let me be very clear about this, If you so much as cause a hair to fall from Esmarlda’s head. I will destroy the tower and your father. What’s more I will personally tear every single bone from your body and crush them in front of your eyes while you still live.’ Lung was still smiling yet despite the calm friendly expression his eyes were filled with so much hate and loathing for this woman.

‘Oooh, you are a spirited one.’ Annabelle said smiling and fluttering her eyelids. ‘…but I’m not on the market at the moment. I’ve been hurt in the past.’

Isolde stood up ‘Is my sister Ok?’

‘No, she’s dead.’ Annabelle said without any attempt at all to soften the blow.

‘What? You… How could you? You promised?’ Isolde said, her wings fluttering and glowing purple.

Annabelle put one hand to her mouth as to whisper ‘Well in case you haven’t noticed…’ she paused to look round and check if people could hear her ‘I’m a lunatic! I don’t have to keep promises. Wait! Am I still a lunatic if I know I’m a lunatic?’ Annabelle scratched her chin, and then putting one finger in the air said ‘I shall consult the books.’

Isolde screamed in a high pitch that caused Lung and Bedwyr to cover their ears. When the sound faded, Isolde dropped back to the floor sobbing loudly. ‘Annabelle when I find you, you are going to wish that Lung had found you first.

Without any reaction the image of Annabelle faded and disappeared, leaving the group without Deryn and Esmarlda, and completely speechless.

The image of Annabelle re-appeared which caught them all off guard. ‘Oh by the way. You were all really terrifying.’ She said, patronising them ‘No really. I was so scared. Especially, the Ogre’s bone threat and…’ she gestured towards Isolde  ‘Oh,I’m sorry, I’ve forgotten your name little purple bird-thing, but you were the best. The ‘I’ll avenge my sister’s death’ thing. Brilliant.’

Before anybody had time to react, Annabelle stuck her tongue out playfully and promptly disappeared again.

‘What in Endrin’s name has just happened?’ Bedwyr shouted


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