NaNoWriMo Day 18: Goal for the Weekend

Yesterday, as I realised that the weekend was rapidly approaching. I thought I would set myself a goal for the weekend. Trying to stick to the daily word-count doesn’t usually work out so well, you only have to look at the last two Saturday posts to see just how inconsistent my weekend writing is.

Nevertheless a goal of some kind is usually a good idea. So I said to myself ‘If you can get past 40,000 words for NaNo then feel free to play Skyrim in your underwear all day Sunday.’

Well slightly less than a day later and I’m looking at 38,700. Which equates to just 12,300 words for me to spew forth before Sunday morning. It’s a nice feeling, but I’m sure other writing things such as blog posts will scream for my attention like a spoilt child.

I am now a complete Pantser. The plans I so diligently worked on in October are, well I wouldn’t say ‘of no use’ but like a ruined car the value lies only in its parts.

It’s all a valuable experience though. Next time, will I plan differently? Will I plan at all? These aren’t questions to be answered now of course.


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