NaNoWriMo Day 20: The Countdown has begun

film ten secondsBeing the 20th of November today meant that the last days of NaNo are now nearly upon us. There’s only 10 days left, and I have 10,000 words to do. Which makes it all nice and simple admittedly, but I cant help getting just that bit nervous.

I have written more than the word-count on most of the days, so logically there should be no trouble in doing the same for the last 10k. Yet there is something about the looming timescale that just makes everything look that bit scarier and so much less achievable.

That aside, as soon as I have written the 50k words and I have slept off the largest take-away known to man, I will be planning like I’ve never planned before. The word-count per day will no longer be an issue, and seeing as I generally have no idea what I am going to write the next day and certainly have no idea where this novel is going anymore, It wouldn’t be a bad idea just to sit down and figure a few things out.

Until that time comes, I will be doing the best I can to hammer out that word-count and just try to keep things rolling plot-wise


4 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo Day 20: The Countdown has begun”

  1. (gulp)

    I have almost twice that much to do in 10 days, but I’m gonna hold strong to my commitment. Even if it means dissing my family during the holidays. They’ll understand…right?

  2. Only 10K left for 10 days? You should have no problem. It was a big issue for me coming that close to the 50K, and since MS Word has the word count at the bottom, I was always aware of. I turned up the music, ignored the world, and delved deeper into my novel (oh and I put up a piece of good old-fashioned paper to hide the word count 🙂 ). Good luck, I’m sure you can do it and win NaNo!

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