NaNoWriMo Day 21: Negativity and Revisions

cute animal pictures
This isn't in any way connected to the post.... but he's sooooo cute.

My fears from yesterday about the impending end of NaNo mixed with what I thought would be a large and unwieldy amount of stuff to do at work lead to a rather negative start this morning.

Though as is normally the case those fears ended up being entirely unfounded. The work was all done by lunchtime, leaving ma all afternoon to write 2000 words for NaNo as well as a couple of blog posts. So all in all it did actually turn out to be a good day.

That said, I will be very glad when I hit 50k words. Each day of writing seems to be adding more words to an increasingly directionless novel. I don’t want this to sound too negative. I’m not going to chuck it or anything but it will need major rewrites and revision. Though i guess they all do.

The reports of those who have already crossed the finish-line are starting to appear, so I wish them all congratulations. For those of us still scrambling towards the line. Keep on going, and I’ll see you there.


2 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo Day 21: Negativity and Revisions”

    1. I think it will take me weeks just to sort out the spelling and grammar issues, let alone the plot holes. Although, I guess we’re all be in the same boat.

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