Flash Fiction: The Passenger

yellow cab light

Despite leaving my novel alone for the day, the itch to write is nearly unbearable so to ease the strain I’ll throw out a piece of Flash Fiction.

I’m going to write a piece of 100 word flash fiction in a similar style to ones I have done before. I wandered over to my favourite random word generator / Writing prompts site and got three random words. I have to write my piece of 100-word flash fiction using those words.

The three words chosen for me, were

  • zebra
  • order
  • taxi

So assuming I side-step the rather obvious ploy of writing about a zebra trying to order a taxi, It might take a bit of thought this one.

If you want to have a go, by all means do so. Either link to your blog or copy and past it directly in the comments.

Let the Flash Fiction begin…


He carried on about his day, he picked up people, drove them around and then dropped them off. There was nothing different about the taxi driver’s day so far.

Yet there it sat; the brown bag with the orange zebra print, waiting for its time. It had been left there by the last passenger. He had ordered the taxi to drive him to the embassy and to wait until he came back. The taxi driver looked at his clock, and watched the meter tick. It had been nearly 10 minutes.

They say the explosion was heard three miles away.

  • Fiercely Fresh Flash Fiction (danielleheath.wordpress.com)
  • The Infinite Possibilities Of Flash Fiction (pittsburghflashfictiongazette.com)

One thought on “Flash Fiction: The Passenger”

  1. I really liked that story. The ending was quite unexpected. (To me, anyway.)

    And nice work avoiding the zebra ordering a taxi. That was my first thought when I read the words. 🙂

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