Flash Fiction: ‘The Butcher’

male glass breaking tuxedo flash fictionI’ve planned my heart out today so the end of my novel is starting to come together. Unfortunately this has left me with very little time to write anything else. So in the format familiar to many of you, below are five words. I’ll be using three of them to write a piece of 100 word flash fiction.

As always, if you wish to have a go yourself or just leave me a comment, please do so.

Words incoming!


…and off we go.


The nickname hurt him. They called him the butcher. Not because he killed and maimed people or worked in a butcher’s shop. He was the butcher of opera, of arias, song’s and medleys.

He was a little unpractised, sure, but he was a good singer. With a little more practise he could be famous, he just knew in his heart that one day everyone would know of him.

After the crash, no-one ever called him by his nickname. With each telling of the tale, his talent became a little  more exaggerated.

‘The Butcher’ never knew how famous he was destined to become.


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