Flash Fiction: Memories

flash fiction sepia old photo woman feathersIt’s that time again, by which I mean it’s Saturday, most of the day has gone and I need to write today’s piece of flash fiction before my hunger robs me of the opportunity.

So once more I delve into the random word generator that will give me the five words from which I am to choose three to use.

Normal stuff from here, if you want to have a go by all means do so, if you want to comment you can do that as well.

Here you go…

  • False teeth
  • Strategy
  • Fight
  • Cottage
  • Barber

Interesting words, and this time I shall try to not end it with a death as my flash fictions tend to.

P.S. Well I avoided death but it’s not a happy story.

P.P.S Photo courtesy of www.chuckmanchicagonostalgia.wordpress.com

Flash Fiction: Memories

The barber snuffed out the last remaining candles. His cottage was lit only by the moonlight that struggled to fight its way through the clouds.

He tightly gripped on to the banister rail, his knees creaking with every step as he entered his bedroom.

Sitting on the bed, the barber picked up the sepia photo from the dusty bedside table and stared at the young woman smiling back at him through the polished photo frame.

That happy and energetic woman in the photo was how he would always remember her.  Could she still remember him?


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