Flash Fiction: Absent Friends

wooden caneI’ve done a lot of 100 word flash fictions recently, and quite honesty I don’t see why today should be any different. So five words, I use three of them and put them in a bit of flash-fiction.

The five words are…

  • reason
  • walking stick
  • politician
  • tattoo
  • lighthouse

…and this is what I did with them.


He still couldn’t remember the night he had gotten his tattoo. The picture of a lighthouse that adorned his calf was a constant reminder of what an empty stomach and a bottle of JD could do.

Getting the tattoo was a mistake but it was nicely done. However, there were also two pairs of very expensive lingerie and a walking stick littering his bedroom floor that morning. His groin ached a little and he was sure that he had enjoyed himself the night before, but who were they and where had they gone?


2 thoughts on “Flash Fiction: Absent Friends”

  1. Eek! A sore groin? I would want to remember that if I were him… 😉

    Okay, I’ve seen you do these so I’ll try…right off the cuff so don’t shoot me if it is littered with typos…

    The lighthouse loomed before me, white and tall like the politicians at the rally that gathered at its base. Lifting my walking stick, I pushed the lever I designed into its handle that would release the tip. It fell to the ground, hidden forever in the green grass. As the noxious, deadly gas filtered out around me and into the crowd, I thought about how this would change every thing. This would mean something.

    1. Nice, I like it and no typo’s that I can see… 🙂

      I’m a bit of a sucker for deaths in my flash-fiction too.

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