More NaNo and an Evil Nanny

holw bunker pit rusty doorSince I crossed the 50,000 word count mark last week, I haven’t had ‘much opportunity’ to write much more. Well no, OK that’s not strictly true I have had time to play Skyrim and the Star Wars : Old Republic beta test so I guess I did have the time I just didn’t use it for writing.

My problem was that on the 23rd I wrote myself into a literary cul-de-sac. I didn’t worry about it too much then because I had enough idea’s to get me the word-count I needed. Unfortunately, I then had to break my flow as I went back to the  planning stage to figure out just what the Jesus-cribbins I was going to do for an ending.

Then I get busier than I have been in a while and I it slipped a little further down in my priorities list. Maybe the pressure of the set-word count was all it took to keep me writing and to keep up my focus.

Maybe that’s the solution then. It wouldn’t be a bad thing if I started tracking my word count. Not just the word-count for my novel, but generally making a note of how many words I write over the day, whether it is for my blogs or my novel or an article etc.

Ah, you gotta love an excuse for a spreadsheet… Yes, I’m a nerd. Sorry.

Where was I going with all that? Oh, yes. Well I managed to write another 1000 words today bringing my novel up to 51k. More importantly, I have nearly all the ending sorted. There’s a few gaps here and there but I’m sure they’ll get filled in when I get to them.

Anyhow, another 100 word ‘3 out of 5’ flash fiction.

The words are…

  • morals
  • crown
  • rebel
  • nanny
  • turf

Sarah and Monkey didn’t like their nanny. She had always said ‘it was for their own good’ and that it ‘hurt her more than it hurt them’, but how could it?

Every time she had stuffed turf into their mouths when they had sworn, or made them wear that rusty metal crown while she locked them in the coal cellar. How could that be hurting her at all?

She said that they couldn’t tell their mummy or daddy about it. She said they would be angry at them for being naughty.

They don’t mean to be so naughty.


So, what are you thinking?

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