Flash Fiction: When Two Goddesses Danced

flash fiction gods blackbloom contestAnother fortnight has ticked around which means it’s time for another Worldbuilding flash fiction challenge from Chuck Wendig, called ‘Carving Myths And Gospels In The Surface Of Blackbloom’.

In no more than 1000 words, he wants to “hear some myths and legends and gospels of the gods of Blackbloom.”

P.S.  It seems like it’s been ages since I wrote any fiction. I was amazed at how long it takes sorting out a new site. So many boring tag descriptions. Anyway, Enjoy!

When Two Goddesses Danced.

Legends tell of godlike people who wondered the earth; people empowered with the strength of gods. Yet despite their godlike powers they had the hearts and souls of ordinary mortals and the weaknesses and frailties they bring.

It is said that it was the chance encounter of two such beings that created the mysterious Yasri vine.


Chloe, the goddess of Flowers had another childish squabble with her brother Zephyr. They often fought, as brother and sister do yet this time it had come to harsh words and she had stormed off angrily, cursing his name.

As she sat on a rock still livid over her brother’s words gently coaxing a tiny seedling into strength, she saw a waif-like figure dancing and twirling completely oblivious to her. Chloe was captivated by her spirit, the dancer was grinning broadly and was talking to herself. Her eyes were filled with such bliss, such ecstasy that Chloe couldn’t help but be drawn in.

The dancer stopped when she saw Chloe and walked over to her. She took Chloe by the hand and stepped backwards. The dancer looked at Chloe, she saw her tear-stained eyes and smiled warmly.

‘If the flowers are your domain, then mental freedom is mine.’ The woman purred and smiled slyly.

‘Mental freedom? Asked Chloe. ‘ You mean madness? You are not the only one who can sense things.’

Yasri blinked slowly, and no more words were spoken.

Yasri and Chloe stood close to each other, and as Yasri took Chloe in her arms they swayed gently. Their long hair waved as they started to dance. They held each other close, and their dancing became quicker. The slow gentle sways and turns were replaced by fast spins and carefree twirls.

They danced unashamed until the world had become hazy around them. Their minds blank, each of them intoxicated by the other’s power. The ground around their feet became green from the sprouting of tiny plants, which quickly grew into seedlings, and then into young plants. As the plants grew they twisted and writhed under Yasri’s power, leaves became a purple-red and petals changed colour and shape as the vine began to smother the other plant life.

Yasri stopped dancing, posing like a professional athletic as if to end her performance. Chloe’s head was spinning and she lost her balance and fell down on to the grass, holding her head while she laughed breathlessly. Chloe was feeling far too happy to be upset any more. In fact she couldn’t even remember why she was angry in the first place.

Skipping over to where Chloe was sitting, Yasri gave her a quick kiss on her forehead. Chloe looked up at her, but before she could say anything, Yasri’s eyes had become vague and distant. Smiling at nothing in particular Yasri started dancing again, spinning and twirling until she had disappeared.

Chloe looked around at the mass of red and purple vines that had over-taken the other plant-life. She smiled at their creation, and walked back to find her brother feeling happier than she had ever done.


The Yasri vine is one of the more talked about plants of Blackbloom. The seeds of the Yasri vine are harvested and burnt to produce a drug known as ‘Yasri Pollen’, which has hallucinogenic properties and is very popular among the rich. Though extended use of the drug leads to severe paranoia and insanity.

The Yasri vine is very rare, in fact it is said to only grow in one place, Where the legends say that two goddesses had danced.


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