Flash Fiction: The Good Boy

Santa Caus Father ChristmasAnother Flash Fiction Challenge from Terribleminds.com called Christmas in a Strange Place. with a painfully restrictive deadline of Midday tomorrow (Christmas Eve) the challenge is to create a piece of Flash Fiction about Christmas in another place of no more than 1000 words. As always I’m happy to read your comments no matter how critical they may be. Hope you enjoy it.


The prisoner screamed but it was lost in the cacophony of a billion other screams, the screams of every doomed soul destined to spend the rest of eternity at the whims of a great evil; the Lord of Deception; the Devil himself.

The Devil played with the freshly removed entrails of his latest plaything, who was unable to do anything except watch in wide-eyed horror. Drool dripped from the prisoner’s open mouth, who was in too much pain to scream.

Popping one end of the entrails into his mouth, the Devil slurped them up like thick bloody spaghetti. After rolling them around his mouth, savouring the flavour he popped the last bit in his mouth. He was soon interrupted by his assistant.

‘There’s a large gentleman to see you, sir’ she announced. The assistant wore a pair of studious looking spectacles on the end of her nose and her hair worn in a bun. The rest of her lithe and sensual figure was completely naked except for a purple silk tie neatly knotted around her neck.

‘Oh yes. Thank you my dear. Tell our guest that I will be with him shortly.’

The assistant turned around and walked back, wiggling her pert bottom playfully at her boss.

‘Isn’t she something?’ the Devil asked the prisoner. His wounds had completely healed, but he had no strength left to speak or move. ‘Yeah, I’m a lucky dog.’ The Devil said, before turning round and following his assistant.

By the time the Devil had returned to his office the large bearded gentleman was already tucking into a mince-pie and a large glass of port. His assistant perched on the end of his desk filing her nails, while their guest reclined on the dark red sofa.

‘That will be all, my dear. Please leave us.’ The assistance nodded once and left the office, closing the door behind her.

‘I assume you know why I’m here?’ The old bearded gentleman said casually brushing the crumbs off his red velvet suit.

‘Oh yes, I have been looking forward to our meeting for many weeks now.’

The plump red suited man nodded once in understanding, and put the last piece of mince-pie in his mouth. Chewing slowly, his eyes closed in pleasure. The Devil sat back in his black-leather office chair and watched his visitor carefully.

When his guest hadn’t said anything for a couple of minutes, the Devil leaned forward in his chair, his index fingers resting in a point on his chin ‘So, you know what I want?’

‘Oh yes, your needs have been explained to me, and I believe it’s within my power to be able to help you.’

The Devils dark eyes sparkled a fiery red for a second and a broad smile crossed his black lips, his sharp monstrous teeth protruding as he smiled.

‘Oh that is excellent news.’ The Devil beamed ‘I’m so glad we can help each other.’

‘You do know that I have one condition for you to fulfil, if I am to help you.’ The red-suited man grabbed another mince-pie. ‘and I have to say that a man in your position would find it difficult to fulfil the requirement.’

A serious expression replaced the charming grin on the Devil’s face. ‘Do not underestimate me, I can be very resourceful.’

The last remnants of a mince-pie disappeared behind the large white beard of his guest, who nodded in approval.

The silence was broken by the sound of hooves and chiming bells. ‘Looks like my ride is here.’ The man announced before lifting his large weight off the sofa. ‘You have three months to fulfil your end of the bargain, don’t disappoint me.’

‘No I won’t. I promise.’ The Devil jumped up out of his chair and trotted over to let his guest out of his office.

‘Goodbye’ said the jolly man ‘Oh, by the way. Nice mince pies. Tell Fanny they were her best yet.’

The Devil nodded but before he could say anything, his guest sparkled and twinkled as if covered in fairy-lights. The sound of chiming bells filled the air, and his guest vanished. The Devil was left on his own in his office.

‘I can do this’ He thought to himself. ‘This year, I am going to be a good boy.

The office intercom buzzed and the voice of his assistant crackled through it. ‘Sir, it’s time for your four o’clock meeting with Pestilence.

‘Oh. Oh yes, thank you.’ The Devil said with audible disappointment.

‘You have been planning this for months now sir. You’ve always enjoyed a good plague.’

The Devil sighed ‘Thank you, I’ll be right there’. The devil turned and looked at the empty plate of mince-pies, before grinning evilly ‘Oh what the hell’ he thought ‘I can be good next year.’


7 thoughts on “Flash Fiction: The Good Boy”

  1. Very much enjoyed Santa visiting the Devil in hell. Plus the mince pies. I will admit some squeamishness at the eating of the entrails. Glad to see other unsentimental Christmas stories today!

  2. I kept expecting the Devil to tell Santa he was after eating his aunt (chopped up in the mince pies) or something equally disgusting!
    Tension nicely done.

  3. hi jim, i love this flash fiction and am going to read it from your blog at our storytelling meet tonight in ireland.. thanks for an interesting and funny take on christmas.

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