Flash Fiction: ‘Screech!’

Blood dagger knifeAnother Flash Fiction Challenge from Terribleminds.com ‘Revenge Of The Sub-Genre Mash-Up’. For this challenge I needed to choose two of the below fiction genre’s, merge them together and use them to create a piece of Flash Fiction that’s no more than 1000 words.

  • Dystopian Sci-Fi!
  • Cozy Mysteries!
  • Slasher or Serial Killer!
  • Lost World!
  • Spy Fiction!
  • Bodice Ripper!

I’ve taken ‘Lost World’ and ‘Slasher’.

Here is my entry


The sun started to rise in the sky. Warm orange light shone on the large trees of the forest while the man crouched in the remaining shadows. He pulled the rubber Halloween mask over his scared face and thoughtfully ran his thumb down the blade of his combat knife that easily sliced through his pale skin. He watched the blood bead on his thumb before putting it in his mouth and sucking it clean.

She was close, he could feel her vibrations. The loud thudding of each of her powerful feet, and the cracking of the forest as it was trampled underfoot. He had already killed her children, he had brought the knife across each of their throats and waited until their shrieks were silent and their bodies still. Leaving their tiny corpses for their mother to find was a little treat, something for him to savor. His mind raced as he thought of the horror and despair of the mother as she discovered their bodies.

The thudding became louder and the undergrowth shook as mother returned to feed her children. The man crawled forward slowly until he could see the giant lizard in full, he wasn’t going to miss any of this. Suffering was his art.

The lizard stood in front of her lifeless nest, nudging the bloodied bodies of her offspring with her scaly nose. When none of them reacted, the mother roared with pain. The man smiled to himself. ‘I am an artist’ he thought ‘and It’s time for you, to become.’

The masked man burst out of the forest. ‘Time to die, bitch!’ he screamed before lunging at the giant lizard. The lizards eyes widened in horror, as it raised it’s clawed hands in self-defence. The attack cut the lizards large, and scaly ankle; a bead of blood dripped down to the floor. Seeing the knife-wielding maniac and the sight of her own blood caused the mother to panic. She turned around and tried to run away, completely unaware that her ankle had got caught in a very large and strong tree root. With her ankle caught, the lizard’s powerful frame crashed to the ground causing the earth to shake and hundreds of birds to flee from the tree-tops.

The mother, tears now flowing from her large green eyes scrambled away from her attacker. He walked slowly towards her, the mother’s own blood still covering his knife. She looked at him, her eyes pleading for him to stop, begging him for mercy as he climbed on top of her large stomach and approached her neck.

‘Don’t be scared’ said the man ‘You should be happy, I am going to complete you. You will live forever as my art. All of your kind will become my art. Your friends are now art; your children? Art.’ The man’s expression changed. His hate and rage drained from him, and were replaced with a look of friendship and kindness that the mother couldn’t believe belonged to the same person ‘besides, I could never be the person to split up a family.’

The mother shook her head and tried to free herself from the root that still tightly bound her foot. Her clawed hands unable to strike her attacker and even her large and powerful jaw couldn’t help her now. She closed her eyes and waited for a miracle as the man’s knife sliced cleanly through her neck.


‘That’s enough’ said the teacher, interrupting Johnny who stood there smiling childishly in front of the classroom.

‘Sit down.’ The teacher barked ‘and see me after class.’ The teacher struggled to contain his anger at the pupil. Johnny sat down, receiving a few impressed grins and comments from the other children.

The teacher sat back down on the side of his desk, his composure completely returned to normal ‘Now, can anyone else tell me a possible reason the dinosaurs died out?’


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