Flash Fiction: Static

television interference plasma screenAnother Flash Fiction Challenge from Chuck Wendig at Terribleminds.com. The challenge this week called ‘Random Photo Story’, is to click on this link which will generate six random Flickr images. Use three of them in a piece of Flash Fiction of no more than 1000 words.

I have inserted the links into the story so look out for (X) at various points.

Please let me know your thoughts.

Have fun and I bring you…. ‘Static’

(X) Sophie pointed her gun at the door, her back braced against the wall. He would be here soon. He was coming for her. She was next.

Sophie’s head ached from lack of sleep, but her eyes were wide open and staring at the door. What had happened to her? Her life had been perfect. She had finished law school at the top of her class, and now worked for a very prestigious law firm and her husband was a well-respected Geologist; she loved her life but that was over now. That night had changed everything.

One night, Sophie got back from work late. She took a shower and put the television on for some background noise while she got dressed. A chat show blared out the opinions of a group of no-one’s. Sophie picked up her hair dryer and was about to turn it on when the program cut out and static filled the screen. She stared at the TV. When the static cleared, she saw someone in what looked like a bedroom, it looked like someone was in her bedroom. The intruder was wearing black trousers, a black hooded top, a scarf around his mouth and he carried something in his hand. She instinctively looked around her room but no-one was there. Was this a recording? There was a dog lying on the bed, it was Scratch. He lifted his head at the intruder but did nothing else. As Sophie kept watching the intruder grabbed the dog’s head by it’s ears, and looked directly at Sophie. He cut the dog’s throat in one movement, and then just walked out of the room.

Sophie’s eyes widened. She ran out of her bedroom looking for her dog. ‘Scratch! Scratch!’ she yelled, her heart thumping so hard she could scarcely breathe. Sophie ran into the kitchen and saw him lying there in his bed, snoring loudly.

Sophie returned to bed but she didn’t get much sleep, The event had left her shaken and she couldn’t get the images out of her mind. She woke early the next morning. Her eyes were heavy from a bad night’s sleep. There was an odd smell in the air. Sophie yawned and rubbed her eyes, her hand was wet and it smelled of… oh she recognised that smell. Her hands were covered in blood, the reddish-brown staining her skin. Jumping out of bed she looked down at herself there was more of it but not just on her, there was blood everywhere.  Scratch laid in the middle of the floor, it’s brown coat matted with blood. It’s throat had been cut.

Scratch’s death devastated Sophie. The police suspected her of course, she was covered in the animal’s blood and they could find nothing wrong with her TV to back up her claims. Sophie tried to carry on with her life, but she couldn’t bring herself to buy another dog.

Her husband returned home as soon as he heard about the intruder and Scratch’s death. (X) He insisted they bought another television set, taking the old one to the local dump. Sophie agreed but there was no way that anyone could convince her that what she was a technical fault, but she agreed because she knew it made him feel like he was helping her.

That night she was woken by a loud crackling noise. The television was on. She couldn’t remember leaving it on. She started to feel sick with fear. She looked over towards her husband who was fast asleep. The static cleared and on the television she saw the same intruder in her bedroom. Except this time there were two people in the bed, and she recognised them both.

The man in black took out a knife, peeled back the duvet and stabbed the sleeping man over and over until the bed turned red. The female did not move once. Once the intruder had finished he nodded once to himself and casually walked out of the room. The images stopped and the screen filled with static again.

Sophie was terrified and in shock, her breath was heavy and her heart beating hard. Sophie threw back the duvet. His blood soaked corpse was almost black in the glow of the TV. Looking down at her hands, they showed the same dark staining. This time Sophie didn’t scream.

When the police finally arrived, they found Sophie. She had showered and got dressed, she’d even had breakfast. She’d picked up a gun and waited. When the police asked who she was waiting for, all she’d say was ‘Him, I’m waiting for him.’


(X) Sophie stared at the ceiling of the activity room, the metallic glass tiles sparkled back at her.

‘So what’s her story?’ the young orderly asked, filled with the eagerness of a new job.

‘Who? Sophie?’ The older orderly was a large and jolly woman. ‘When they brought Sophie in she was hallucinating so badly, that she thought that she was seeing the future in her TV. Then she sliced up her husband and her dog.’

‘Whoa, that’s harsh.’

‘When the police found her they found large amounts of this crazy drug in her. She was tripping the light fantastic.

‘An overdose?’

‘Don’t you believe it, she was a young healthy lawyer and the police could not find any proof she was a junkie. She was the main prosecutor in that mafia boss case. Suddenly she goes loopy, and her replacement throws the case.’

The young orderly walked up to Sophie and handed her a plastic cup full of tablets.

‘Time for your medicine’ he said with a transparent smile.

Sophie swallowed the mouthful of tablets, and then returned to her jigsaw. She liked jigsaws.



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