Flash Fiction: The Luck of Korneal

Flash Fiction attack lizard reptile myth legendLast Friday’s Flash Fiction Challenge from Terribleminds.com called ‘one small story in seven acts’ was to create a piece of Flash Fiction of no more than 1000 words that follows a basic seven act structure.

These acts are as follows, and I quote from Chuck himself here.

“Behold, a rough seven-act structure: Intro (duh) –> Problem or Attack (duh) –> Initial Struggle (character first tussles with source of conflict) –> Complications (conflict worsens, deepens, changes) –> Failed Attempts (oops, that didn’t work) –> Major Crisis (holy goatfucker shitbomb, everything’s gone pear-shaped) –> Climax and Resolution (duh).”

You can find out more here ‘25 Things You Should Know About Story Structure’

So with all that said here’s my entry called The Luck of Korneal. It’s based on my character in the video game Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim although the plot of the story was invented for this challenge.

Please leave a comment, they’re always welcome.

Flash Fiction: The Luck of Korneal

Korneal crouched behind a rock as his target grazed a little distance in front of him. His fingers tingled to feel the touch of magic again, but his prey would run if he got too close. Taking out an arrow from his quiver he readied his bow, drawing the string back as far as he could.

The deer looked up as if sensing something and bolted. Korneal released the arrow but his target was moving too quickly and the arrow bounced harmlessly off a nearby rock. Sighing to himself he walked over to retrieve his arrow. As he stooped to pick it up, he heard a tremendous roar and saw the shadow of a winged beast flying over his head.

‘Crap! A dragon!’ Korneal thought, and then a wry smile crept over his face. He had killed dragons before, and this one didn’t look all that much bigger.

The dragon dropped from the sky and stood in front of him, thrusting its scaled head forward and roaring. Korneal focused on his magic sensing the familiar feeling in his fingers. Sparks danced between his fingers and tendrils of smoke curled from his hands before he sent a column of white flame towards the dragon. The fire engulfed the dragon and the air filled with the crackling sound of fire, and the smell of burning grass.

‘You don’t know who you’re messing with.’

The blaze subsided revealing the dragon’s scorched body. The dragon stared back at Korneal, despite its scales being blackened by soot; the magical fire had not harmed the dragon. If he didn’t know any better Korneal would swear that the dragon was laughing at him. It brought his head back to roar, but this time when he brought it forward he retaliated with magic of its own. Lightning shot from the dragon’s mouth and arced towards Korneal, who wasn’t quite quick enough in moving out of the way. The lightning hit his arm and for a moment it felt as if every muscle and sinew was burning from the inside.

Flapping its large leathery wings the dragon took off to attack from the sky. Which fortunately gave Korneal some time to avoid its attacks, but unfortunately the dragon was now out of reach of his magic.

The dragon wasn’t about to leave his prey alone, and realising he had no other choice Korneal took out his bow and took aim at the dragon. The attack had weakened his arm causing it to shake uncontrollably as he tried to aim. The arrow flew towards the dragon but his aim was poor and the arrow bounced harmlessly off the dragon’s armoured chest.

‘Ah Crap.’ Korneal said again although this time he wasn’t smiling. He looked around for anything that may help him. Is that a light? In the distance, there’s a glow. It’s big, maybe there’s a regiment of soldiers, even a hunting party would help or at least give him a chance to get away.

Korneal turned and ran as fast as he could towards the glow of the fire, the dragon circled high above him and belched out lightning as it swooped down towards him. Another bolt hit him in his back, causing Korneal to drop to the floor winded; struggling to breathe. His clothes were scorched and melted and his limbs aching and bruised. He dragged himself to his feet and staggered towards the fire. He was nearly there and he could see the shapes of two people standing around the campfire. The dragon roared and made another pass overhead.

‘Help!’ Korneal screamed, his pride was gone and he just needed help, from anyone. The two people looked over and started to walk towards him. ‘Help’ he screamed again desperation sounding in his voice. ‘Please help me.’

‘They’ll help me. They have to’ he thought ‘Two people their size would be…. Their size? As they got closer, Korneal’s eyes opened with fear ‘Oh shit, no. Not now. Not giants!’

The giants bellowed and ran towards Korneal one of them picked up a club almost as large as Korneal himself.

He lay on the ground exhausted listening to the dragon roar above, and watching the two giants running towards him. His arrogance had killed him and he didn’t know which to pray for, being eaten by the dragon or clubbed to death by the giants. Korneal squinted, unsure of whether he wanted his eyes open or closed at the end.

The giants stood over him and growled at each other as if deciding who got the reward of killing him. When they looked back towards him he saw that one of them was smiling. He must have won the prize. The giant raised the large club above his head.

The dragon swooped back down towards Korneal, announcing its arrival with a roar and another blast of lightning. Korneal closed his eyes and waited, hearing a loud crackle and a thud that made the ground shake. He opened one eye and looked around. On the ground in front of him was one of the giants, his eyes closed with a large smoking hole in his torso. He heard the sound of fighting and as he turned around he saw the remaining giant clubbing the dragon around the head with his club. The dragon’s head was dripping with blood its scales were cracked and broken. The dragon inhaled readying another attack. Just as it exhaled the giant brought its weapon down on the dragon’s neck. Lightning shot from the its mouth just before its neck was broken. There was a smell of burning flesh and the sound of bones breaking, then the giant and dragon fell to the ground dead.

Korneal sat on the ground his eyes wide and every limb aching. He smiled as he stood up ‘Easy’ he said dusting himself off. He headed back to town, wincing in pain with each limping step ’Yeah, sure… no problem at all.’


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