Flash Fiction: Justice Dove and the Sparrow

flash fiction hero blackThis weeks Flash Fiction Challenge was a little trickier than others I’ve done. Chuck randomly selected 20 words and we had to use 10 of them within a piece of 1000 word flash fiction.

I used the following words: dove, justice, swallow, scream, moth, beast,research, finger, cape and insult. I mean with words like justice and cape what else could be story be about?

Please let me know any comments, ways to improve, suggestions etc.

I bring you the comic tale of…

‘Justice Dove and the Sparrow’

‘Hello? Am I in the right place?’ Michael held up the ‘Sidekick Wanted’ sign. He looked around the room, it was small and empty except for a desk with an old computer, and a large green sofa  with a man in white spandex lying down on it.

‘Hmmm?’ the muscular man stood up, his black cape creased from being sat on and his eye mask crooked.  ‘Indeed I am sport. Come in.’ He  smiled confidently at Michael, his white teeth glinting as he ran a hand through his thick blonde hair. ‘I’m Dove.’ He said, placing his hands on his hips ‘Justice Dove, and who are you?’

‘I’m Michael.‘

Dove smiled at Michael ‘I mean your sidekick name. We can’t be The Justice Dove and Michael, it just doesn’t have that ring.’

‘Well I haven’t got one yet. I mean, I thought I’d see what you…’



‘Justice Dove and the Sparrow. It’s perfect.’

‘Oh.’ Michael said clearly disappointed. ‘You don’t think it sounds a little insulting?’

‘Insulting? Not at all, it’s a darn fine name. Would it help if you were the ‘Screaming Sparrow?’ But without waiting for an answer ‘What’s your power? How are you going to help me fight crime?’ he said attempting to straighten out his cape.

‘I’m trained in judo, karate, kickboxing, kendo and bare-fist fighting, as well as athletics, gymnastics and acrobatics. ‘ Michael replied.

‘Wow’ said Dove looking impressed. ‘That is one long list of skills there, buddy. I’m a gold belt in karachi, and juno myself as well as err… gung-ho… teriyaki and erm… pokinose.’

‘Erm, are you sure that they are…’

‘Oh yeah, we’ll make a great pair, you and me. Fighting crime. We’re the perfect duo Justice Dove and the Screaming Sparrow.’

‘Please, can we think of another name? It is an insult.’

‘Later. First you need to pass your initiation test.’

‘Initiation Test?’ Michael asked ‘What Initiation test?’

Dove gestured towards a small upside down wooden box. ‘All you have to do is defeat the beast lying in wait under there. Defeat the vicious, killer beast and Justice Dove and Screaming Sparrow can take to the streets.’

‘That box is tiny. What could be under there that would cause you so much trouble?’

Dove pointed towards the box ‘a horrible, evil beast.’

Michael walked cautiously over towards the box, and lifted the lid with one finger and there it was, a moth; a small harmless looking brown moth. Michael reached down but it flew out of his fingers and fluttered around Dove’s head.

Dove screamed and flapped his arms about his head ‘Get it off me! Get it off me!’ he screamed. ‘I can feel it in my hair’.

‘It’s just a moth’ said Michael.’

‘Get it away from me. I’m scared. Moths are my one weakness.’

‘Moths are your weakness?’ Michael stopped watching the moth and looked at Dove.

‘Yes. What? It’s not so strange. Superman has kryptonite; Spiderman has that Venom thing and I have…. I have moths.’

‘Sure, kryptonite and moths are the same.’ Michael said under his breath, before he returned to tracking the moth.

‘Are you making fun of me, Sparrow?’ Dove looked hurt.

Michael smiled back at Dove apologetically ‘ I’m… I’m sorry‘, said Michael, before cupping his fingers gently around the moth and putting it outside the door.

Dove flashed a cheesy smile to Michael. ‘Do not apologise, Sparrow. The Justice Dove forgives you, and you passed the test so I can now call you the Screaming Sparrow. Welcome to the team. ‘

‘Thanks’ said Michael. ‘Can I see your fortress?’

Dove looked a little embarrassed ‘You’re in it Sparrow ol’ pal.’

Michael’s eyes widened again ‘What? You mean this is it? This is where you foil the plans of super villains?’

‘A good hero doesn’t need an impenetrable fortress, or a research laboratory or a training room. The only thing a hero needs is a sense of justice. Superman didn’t need a research lab or a training room.’

‘No, but he had super-powers. What super-powers do you have?’

‘I don’t have any super-powers.’

‘Oh, ok. Well whatever method you have for fighting crime must be very effective; I can’t see a single scratch on you.  Are you a billionaire bachelor with a dark past funded by his father’s business? No, wait you’re an engineering genius and you’ve built yourself a robot-suit?’

Dove waited for Michael to stop speaking, and smiled at him. ‘None of those things, Sparrow.’ Dove stood with his hands on his hips ‘I plan on simply asking any criminals I face to stop being naughty and to report to their local police station.’

‘Really? Does that work? Wait! That’s what you ‘plan’ to do? You mean you haven’t actually gone up against any criminals yet?’

‘Don’t need to Sparrow old chum. My heroic stature, powerful jaw and this stunningly well-made costume will be all that it takes to convince even the most terrifying of super-villains to hand themselves in. I mean come on, this cape is fantastic.’

Michael sighed ‘I’m sorry Dove, but I can’t be a part of this.’

‘What do you mean? Why not’?’

‘You have no fighting skills, no super-powers and by the looks of it no hi-tech gadgets or weaponry. Your plan to just ask criminals to hand themselves in is crazy, and when they disagree with you and try to kill you, you have nothing to protect yourself with except for a spandex suit and velvet cape. You have a good heart but if you go out and try to fight crime we will both get killed, and I’m sorry but there’s nothing you can offer me that will make me risk my life.’

‘We have a dental plan.’ Dove offered

‘OK, I’m in.’


3 thoughts on “Flash Fiction: Justice Dove and the Sparrow”

    1. It covers all orthodontics. Alhough technically a superhero probably wouldn’t have a family, but his or her alter-ego’s family is covered under a seperate plan. 🙂

      Thanks for reading.

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