Flash Fiction: Gaming Kerosenes First Gig

electric guitar flash fiction rock gig axe bandAs I missed yet another Terribleminds Flash Fiction Challenge last week, I had no choice but to do this weeks challenge. In Chuck’s own words, my instructions were these…

“What that means is, in this challenge, I want you to write a story about a band.The name of that band? Well, click here to choose one. There you’ll get a buncha random band  names. Choose one. That’s the band. You’ve got up to 1000 words.”

My band name was Gaming Kerosene and this is their story.

I had a lot of fun writing this one and I hope you all like it to. If you did please leave me a little old comment. Also, any advice or suggestions you have are very welcome.

Flash Fiction: Gaming Kerosenes First Gig

The band sat in their dressing room doing their best to relax before the show. It was their first gig and in all likelihood their last. They’d lost a few members of ‘Gaming Kerosene’ on the way but the core band was still there and at least they looked the part. One of the best bits about being in a rock band was that you could turn up in an old black t-shirt, ripped and dirty jeans, and a pair of worn out Chuck Taylors and no-one would bat an eyelid. Not that the crowd would care about what they were wearing.

Kris leaned back in his chair and lit a cigarette. He was just as scared as Mole and Gary but being the oldest by a cool year he felt it was up to him to at least put up the pretence of being calm and collected. Mole chewed on his nails and spat out the bits as he stared at the floor. Gary simply smiled and looked around the room as if he was trying to figure everything out for the first time, while he endlessly pushed his long brown hair behind his ears. Gary was a good bloke but the many drugs he’d taken in his life had left him a little disoriented. Kris was sure he knew what was happening but he was just as sure that the implications had failed to register.

‘This is going to be so cool’ said Gary breaking the silence. ‘We are gonna fuckin’ slay ‘em.’

Kris and Mole looked up and watched as Gary danced to music only he could hear. ‘We made it guys’ he said before playing air guitar and sticking his tongue out. Kris stood up and joined him. There was something infectious about Gary’s complete ignorance of the situation that made Kris feel better.

‘We are gonna slay ‘em…. ‘ Kris screamed ‘We’ll not literally I guess, as they’re… We rock!’

Now it was Mole’s time to stand up ‘Guy’s are you fucking crazy? We’re gonna go out there and they’re gonna tear us to shreds… they’re gonna fucking murder us.’

‘Chill. Everything’ll be cool.’ Gary put a limp arm around Mole’s shoulders. ‘We came all this way just for this moment. This is something we have to do. Could you live with yourself if you died without playing on a real stage?’

Mole paused as he briefly wondered whether correcting his odd choice of words was worth it. It wasn’t. ‘No, I guess I couldn’t. ‘

‘Maybe no-one’s out there. It’s not like we could advertise’ he chuckled and smiled cheekily at Mole’s nervous expression.

‘Then let’s go do this’ Kris said dropping his cigarette on the floor and standing on it.

The members of Gaming Kerosene walked out of the dressing room, they’d set up their instruments on stage already. They knew they wouldn’t be able to set up once they were on stage, so they’d all crept in earlier and sorted that out.

The hallway from the dressing room to the stage was cluttered and littered with old remnants of earlier gigs.  They picked their way through the mess, each of them taking mental notes of the items they stepped over while trying to picture who they would have belonged to. Yet no-one spoke, they walked towards the stage like a man would walk to the gallows or the electric chair. Kris pushed open the double doors. There it was, the stage.

The three stopped in the middle of the stage shielded by a thick red velvet curtain and listened. There was definitely a crowd, they could hear them milling around and grumbling.

‘Sounds like a full house out there,’ Kris said turning round to face his friends. ‘Remember, no matter what happens out there we play a whole song. Even if they climb on stage and try to drag us off which they probably will, we’ll fight ‘em off and keep playing. Right?’

Mole nodded and smiled back at Kris, the fear in his eyes screaming.

‘We made it, let’s go out there and play, we’ll show those limp-dicked fuckers how to rock.’ Gary whispered, suddenly a little more cautious about the crowd hearing him.

‘OK’ said Kris ‘You go out there and start playing. I’ll raise the curtains and join you afterwards. Rock on brothers.’

Gary and Mole walked on to the stage. Mole sat behind the large drums with their name quickly scrawled over the Snare. Gary picked up his guitar and plugged the amp in. They looked at each other and then to Kris who was still standing by the curtain control.

Gary and Mole started playing, music bellowed out of the wall of speakers. The music was so loud that the walls were vibrating; the crowd would definitely know that something was happening now. Kris thumped the curtain raise button.

For the first time Mole and Gary saw the crowd, and the crowd saw them. A thousand dead eyes looked up and stared at them. The crowd was little more than a sea of bloodied jaws, rotting flesh and torn clothes. When they saw the band, the crowd shuffled forward and started to push on the metal barriers designed to hold them back, reaching forward and clawing at the air. Within seconds the barrier had fallen and the sea of zombies was rushing towards the stage.

Gary and Mole watched as the crowd got closer and closer, their last gig would be ending a lot sooner than they’d planned. Mole looked back towards where Kris was standing, just in time to see him run out of the fire escape.

Looks like Kris just went solo.


7 thoughts on “Flash Fiction: Gaming Kerosenes First Gig”

  1. I meandered my way over here from Terribleminds.

    I like the story. I liked your characterization of the band, how you gave them fairly distinct personalities in such a short time. It makes me want to read more and know WHY they would choose what seems like a suicide mission.

    This actually reminds me a little of something that happens in a book called THE LAST DAYS by Scott Westerfeld, but I really like the intrigue present and how you save up the reveal.

    Also, that snappy last line? Killer (no pun intended).

    1. Thanks. It’s always good to see another ‘Wendigee’

      ‘The Last Days’ looks pretty interesting, I’ll have to give it a try.

      The last line was probably the 8th or 9th final line that I tried but it’s certainly my favourite.

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