Lucky 7 Meme: Exhuming the WIP

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I’ve been memed! Can meme even be used as a verb? Well, I suppose if ‘party’ can be than so can meme. Anyway, I digress. Jo of linked me as an author in her Lucky 7 Meme post. The lucky 7 meme appears to have been around for a while, but like all popular things I tend to miss most of the hype and just tuck myself in to the warm basking glow of the trends embers.

Anyway, the rules are the lucky 7 meme are…

  1. Go to the 7th or 77th page of your WIP.
  2. Go to the 7th line of the page.
  3. Copy the next 7 paragraphs (exactly as typed).
  4. Tag 7 other authors and let them know they’re it.

This means that I need to go back to the deformed monstrosity of my work in progress.

My WIP has had to go back to the planning stage. The WIP was so hideously malformed and terrifying that I had to completely revamp it. I felt like Doctor Frankenstein as I looked upon my creation. My beautiful work of art, had become an abomination, a hideous freak that violated the laws of nature, god and man. Though its heart was pure, many could not gaze upon its hideous visage.

Nevertheless, despite all this I followed the instructions with a laissez-faire attitude and laid out a section of the hideous monstrosity (Which out of context is actually not that bad) below.

‘What about you, Deryn? Can you turn into a cat?’ Deryn smiled at the young child’s logic of men becoming dogs and woman becoming cats.

‘No, I can’t turn into anything.’

‘That’s too bad.’ Deryn knew that Esmarlde didn’t mean to sound insincere. It was the endless thoughts rushing through her mind that made her move on to the next subject a little too quickly. Deryn recognised a little of herself in this girl but time had at least taught her to feign enough interest to let the conversation end naturally. This overly-fascinated energetic child could so easily have been her, but without the ringlets. Deryn had never been a typical girl.

Soon the old barn was in sight, and Esmarlda let go of Bedwyr and Deryn’s hands to rush off towards it.

‘Lung!’ She shouted as she ran through the tall grass.

‘In here’ Lung said his voice rumbling from within the barn.

The little girl disappeared into the barn leaving Deryn and Bedwyr running behind, by the time they got to the barn Esmarlda was hugging the ogre’s tree-trunk of a leg, while he patted her head gently.

Now to complete the meme all I need to do is tag in seven authors, and this bunch of guys, gals and cybernetic killing machines from the future (you know who you are) are my seven.  Read on…


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