Flash Fiction: Dead Desire

flash fiction zombies undead story tale love romanceFor this weeks flash fiction challenge over at Terribleminds.com, we were asked to write our flash fiction based on one of these five titles…

  • The Monkey’s Pageant
  • Dead-Clock’s Revenge
  • The Black Lighthouse
  • Bright Stars Gone To Black
  • Plastic Dreams & Doll Desires

…or any combination of those words without adding any more of our own. Well, seeing as the word dead is in there and I did promise Jo of TheHappyLogophile.com that the next flash fiction I wrote would include zombies I came up with this little tale of undead love.

Oh, technically the zombie should have been in my last flash fiction but I couldn’t think of any way of putting it into this, so I saved it and thought I’d add it to this one instead.

Hope you like it, and I would love to hear your thoughts.

Flash Fiction: Dead Desire

Pete and Jessica had met at infant school. Pete always liked Jessica, there was something about her blonde hair, freckled nose, and the way she pouted and stamped her foot when she was annoyed at him. Pete was an over-weight lad with thick glasses, and being only eight years old he showed his fondness for Jessica by pulling on her pigtails and calling her names. They both grew up, Pete dropped the weight, Jessica lost the pigtails; and the pulling and pushing turned into friendship. As friends they become inseparable and by the time they had left college they were both utterly and completely in love. They went to the same university and eventually jobs in the same town, Pete became an architect and Jessica opened her own restaurant. Everything was perfect; and soon they were starting to plan their wedding.

Perfect lives are rarely truly perfect and if they are, they don’t remain that way for long. In most cases the highly polished veneer cracks when stories of infidelity or corruption are discovered but for Jack and Sarah their lives were inexorably altered by something far less mundane… the walking dead.

When Pete and Jessica had moved to their large house with the perfect view of acres upon acres of beautiful lush and verdant countryside, they weren’t to know that less than a mile away was a secret underground research facility that performed top-secret government viral research; a research facility which really needed to review its containment protocols. A zombie escaped, made some new friends with the guards who underestimated just how belligerent a zombie can be and they all headed to Pete and Jessica’s house for a quick bite to eat.

Then our story became a simple one of zombie bites girl, boy kills zombie, girl becomes zombie, girl bites boy, boy becomes zombie too.

They stayed together although Jessica’s blonde hair had become matted, and stained with blood; and her face was now in the advanced stages of decay that revealed most of her yellowing jaw. Pete had lost most of his leg when it was trapped in a steel door and could only move by pulling himself across the ground with his hands. In many ways time had made fools of them both.

Despite all this, despite what our star-crossed lovers had become and despite how they looked, they stayed together. Somewhere in the last few remaining brain cells that could held an electric signal lay a bond so strong that it could never be broken. Within their own extremely limited way they tried to continue their lives as best they could. Rather than taking long walks on the beach, they took shambling walks (or drags) down highways filled with deserted cars; instead of fine dining and haute cuisine they tore rotting flesh from anyone unlucky enough to not get away in time and their large circle of friends had been replaced by an even larger horde of shambling zombies.

Our perfect couple with a love stronger than the boundary of death itself eventually met their end. Pete and Jessica attacked a family’s camper van that had been stranded on the highway. It didn’t look like much of a threat, it looked like an easy meal. Jessica thumped and banged on the door and tried with all her strength to tear the door off its hinges. The sunroof opened and the owner of the camper fan climbed on to the roof carrying a twelve gauge shotgun. Jessica and Pete saw him but any recognition of handguns or the memory of what they can do had long since gone. They clawed and reached for him. With a loud bang most of Jessica’s head suddenly disappeared in a sticky cloud of brown blood. Pete roared with despair at the sight of his re-killed love, but as he turned back towards her killer the shotgun had been reloaded and fired.

The owner of the camper van looked down at the two headless zombies. They were still moving across the ground, but they wouldn’t be for long and it wasn’t worth using more ammo or risking more zombies hearing them by firing his gun again. The camper van owner lowered his weapon and stared down from the van roof at the headless zombies.

He couldn’t believe what he saw, lying on the ground dead were the two zombies tightly holding each other…


6 thoughts on “Flash Fiction: Dead Desire”

  1. Clever.

    “…zombie bites girl, boy kills zombie, girl becomes zombie, girl bites boy, boy becomes zombie too.”

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