Writing Stuff: A Quarter 3 Update

writing quarter 3 update plan james franklin jimWell, that was three whole months that came and went pretty damn quickly I would like to report that this quarter was a hell of a lot better than the last one. I can’t though, it would be a lie, and not a very convincing one either.


“Did you not win the Turner Prize in these last three months, an event which apparently had to be moved to earlier in the year so your book could not only be nominated but win?”

Well that’s sweet of you but rather unsurprisingly, no I didn’t  In three weeks time I will be leaving my job. Quite a big change, especially as I’ve been at the same place for twelve years. I had hoped that I would have made enough of a move into paid writing for me to be able to avoid the humdrum of 9-5 work or at least only take a part-time job but it hasn’t happened as quickly as I’d like. Not that the £16 I’ve made from Adsense over the past 18 months isn’t handy.

It’s my fault though I’m afraid. I have had ample time to write articles and reviews and submit them to newspapers, and magazines and so on. Turns out, when I think about making any money that’s when I feel my least confident. Blogging?  No problem at all with that. I’m comfortable enough to throw anything out there, but if I even just think of sending it to someone for publishing I feel that everything I write is dirge.

So the chances of me getting something published or being paid for my writing by the end of this year diminishes each day, though there is time yet. I may still surprise you.

My final objective for 2012 was the re-draft of my novel being completed. Honestly, it’s coming along well, now that I have eased back on the planning and thrown myself into the writing. As you may have guessed, over-obsessing on things is a forte of mine; it probably comes with the OCD. Now I’m a little freer to write, I’m managing to squeeze out the word count. I’d done 25k words before I had even realised it. Although it’s unlikely I’ll finish by the end of the year, I’m happy that I am actually writing again.

I won’t be taking part in National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo). I couldn’t decide whether taking part in it last year was a good or a bad experience. The downside was that at the end of NaNo I realised I had written fifty thousand words of barely legible dribble, but without NaNo I wouldn’t have written fifty thousand words at all.  I wish good luck to all those people who are doing NaNo this month, but November is going to be a little too busy for me to take part this year.

What else? Oh right yeah, at the end of last quarter I gave myself three more lesser goals to have a look at…

  • Take more photo’s
  • Learn more about Illustrator / Photoshop
  • Read more

Yeah not done too well with the first two of those either. No excuse for not trying on the first one, but since we upgraded our laptop to Lion OS, CS2 no longer works so couldn’t actually use either Photoshop or Illustrator.

I am glad to report that I am at least reading more. I’m finding time; it is a useful skill for someone who wants to actually write for a living. I’m trying to vary the type of books that I’m reading as well, to try to broaden my skill a little. I’ve even tried reading a little Georgette Hyer.

To sum up…

Despite the tone that this has been written in, I am feeling rather positive about my writing. I feel as if I am developing a style, and the frequent Flash Fiction challenges are giving me the chance to explore other genres of writing. I’m not a published writer yet, but I’m not upset about that. It would be pretty cool to say I’ve been published, but the experience I am having of just enjoying writing and knowing that I am so much better than I was a year ago is enough of a boost at the moment.

I’m not going to add any further goals, there are three major and still three minor one and I think that should suit me for now. Especially, as I don’t know whether the next few months are going to involve an insane amount of job hunting or sitting on my ever-increasing posterior.

I just need to keep doing what I’m doing. It’s not too late for me to scratch another couple of objectives off my list before the end of the year. Just need to strangle those negative thoughts and get out there.


So, what are you thinking?

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