Inactivity Breeds Inactivity

Bored pekinese dog tired writing

I find myself in a writing slump at the moment. My days seem filled with other (probably less important) things and I am finding that I am making more and more excuses for not writing

If you weren’t aware, my role has recently been made redundant and for the first time in about twelve years I find myself out of work. So, I’m looking for a job and all those things, though I have enough of a redundancy package to resolve any financial worries etc.

The thing is, I expected or at least hoped that I would be able to fill my days with writing. If not fill them with writing then at least push forward with a project and get something written on a daily basis, but far from it. I have actually found myself doing a lot less now that I have got much more free time.

I’m not twiddling my thumbs for hours at a time, as I say there’s job search and house work which does take up a small proportion but the other 88% is just filled up with gaming.

“But you’re a gamer, surely having all that time to game would be your Xanadu?”

Well, yes it sort of is, and that was an interesting Olivia Newton John reference, yet I can’t enjoy it fully because I know that I should be writing something, anything.

I think one of the biggest factors for my lack of recent activity is that I was set on writing as a career once I was made redundant. I had that pressure of my job ending to spur me along, almost forcing me to write more and to get better because goddamn it if not I would have to go back into a 9-5 office job. Now I know that writing (at least at this stage of my life) cannot be a career it feels like I have lost the carrot off the end of my stick.

As my lack of activity progresses, my despondency increases until I sit here at my keyboard and turn into a whiny little runt, desperately scrabbling for pity. “oh poor soul, how tortured you must be” etc. etc.

Well, as much as it may sound to the contrary this is actually quite a positive post. I’ve recognised my issue and broadcast it, only to a fairly minor audience I grant you but an audience none-the-less.

Here is what I am going to do about it. I am going to get up, and write something. Somewhere along the way it became all about money (or at least prospective money), and it’s forced my brain into a situation it really didn’t like. So I can dwell on the situation which apparently doesn’t work all that well, or I can just ignore its screams and temper tantrums for a while and wait for it to get tired and forget why it was so upset in the first place.

Stupid head!


5 thoughts on “Inactivity Breeds Inactivity”

  1. Inactivity really does breed inactivity. But all is not lost! (Also, right now I would figuratively (but not literally) kill for quiet time alone with my writing, so I’m finding it hard to be overly sympathetic.)

    Do you follow Rachelle Gardner’s blog/? If not, read this:

    Then come back, set a timer for 90 minutes, and create some pure awesomeness. Three times a day. And spend the intervening hours in your private, gaming Xanadu with less guilt.

    Enjoy and good luck!

    (Also, I feel like a really bad motivational speaker right now, but don’t let that dissuade you from being awesome.)

    1. Lol true. I guess having kids puts a new perspective on quiet time. Although not having the time to write and wanting it is better than having the time and wasting it.

      The 90 minute interval idea seems perfect. I’ll definitely give that one a go and I’m now following her.


      1. There are times I’d happily let my kids run away to the circus if it meant I’d have fifteen minutes to myself during daylight hours…. You know, figuratively speaking. 🙂

        Good luck with the interval idea. I’d love to hear how it goes. (One day I may actually have 90 minutes in a row where I can concentrate!)

        You may also want to check out the Magic Dots method:

        1. This got caught in my spam filter, I’m not sure why. So sorry for the delay.

          I shall give that method a look as well.


    2. I just tried that 90 minute interval idea, and it worked. Words were flying out of me and not just swear words either. It was pretty tricky to stop at 90 minutes though.

      Thanks for showing me the light.

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