Flash Fiction: The Cat & Mouse Murders

flash fiction mouse cat murderHere we go the first piece of Flash Fiction for 2013, and it ended up being a bizarre one. Thanks once more to Chuck Wendig and Terribleminds.com for the challenge.

Chuck gave us three lists, Sub-genre, Setting and a further list giving you something that your piece of Flash Fiction must include. All we had to do was randomly chose one item from each three lists and put them all together into a flash fiction. Well I rolled, and I got the following…

  • Sub Genre – Splatterpunk
  • Setting – An Abandoned Wall-Mart
  • Must Feature – Talking Animals

So there you go, hope you enjoy it and if you want to leave a comment, well that’s what the section at the bottom is for.

Flash Fiction: The Cat & Mouse Murders

‘We really shouldn’t be doing this’ whispered Scritz, a small scruffy-furred brown mouse that nervously looked around as his black furred friend looked through the darkened windows of the abandoned Wall-Mart.

‘Will you be quiet?’ Binky sighed ‘We’re not people for god-sake. Breaking and entering is sort of our raison d’etre.’

With a silence-shattering crash Binky threw the rock he was holding through the window. Shards of glass fell and clattered onto the floor.

‘Oooh stealthy’

Binky ignored his friend and leaped through the window, down on to the dusty floor.

‘For the love of… fine’ said Scritz before leaping through the window after his friend.

The inside of the Wall-Mart was dark, and smelled of old dust and rotting cardboard. The only light came from the moon that streamed through cracks in the roof and walls.

‘You happy now?’ asked Scritz sarcastically ‘We’ve seen the dark, abandoned room full of not-at-all lethal mousetraps. All our friends will be so jealous. Can we go now?’

Binky stood still, staring towards the centre of the room leaving his friends remark unanswered.

‘What?’ Scritz followed his friend’s gaze and that’s when he saw her or rather that’s when he saw what was left of her. Her carcass had been carved up like a Christmas turkey, her brown feathers soaked in her own blood, which in the moonlight resembled a jet black pool, with flashes of deep red where the moonlight hit. Scritz held a paw up to his mouth, torn between being violently sick and running away.

Binky had no such dilemma and ran as quickly as he could back towards the broken window they entered through.

‘Come on let’s go’ screamed Binky. Scritz started to run.

‘We have to get out of….’ A flash of white stopped Binky talking. His stomach split in several places, his dark fur punctuated only by the pink of his intestines that glinted from the window light.

‘Binky!’ Scritz screamed but it was too late. His friend’s killer, a large tabby cat with giant claws, and a malevolent grin had already bitten off Binky’ head, lapping up the blood as if it was cream.

‘Tasty’ said the cat licking his lips, his friend’s blood staining the cat’s mouth. ‘…but I’m still hungry.’

Scritz shook his head unable to come to terms with how much death he had seen in the last few minutes and terrified that he would be among the dead, also becoming a feast to the hungry razor-sharp jaws of the predator.

‘You look terrified’ said the cat with a smile. ‘We can’t have that. It spoils the taste… though I do like it when my food moves.’

Scritz shook his head, too scared to say anything. Seeing no other option but to run for his life he sprinted as fast as he could. Ahead of him he could see something, a hole in the wall that he could escape through. Scritz’s legs ran faster spurred on by the hope of escape, or at least hiding until it was safe to leave. His salvation got closer and closer, and with each step so did his hopes but he had underestimated the size and speed of his attacker.

The cat dropped down from above, Scritz had no choice but to skid to a halt and turn around but not before the cat had lashed out with its giant paw, his claws extended and still stained with his friend’s blood.

Scritz winced as the cat’s claws caught his side, a deep bloody gash running down his body that broke several of his ribs.

The cat placed his paw into his mouth and licked off the blood. ‘Mmmm mmmmm mmmm. That is good mouse, and I am one of the nine cats that would recommend it, but I think you have lived long enough. Dinner time.’

Scritz tried to run again, the wound in his side screamed and with each terrified beat of his heart, his blood dripped and soaked his fur. Yet Scritz knew that he had to keep going, despite the pain, despite the fear. Stopping would get him killed, but the cat wasn’t even chasing him, just staring at him, watching his dinner run away. Scritz was limping as fast as he could but it wouldn’t be enough, the cat had started to run after him, and he was gaining fast.

The broken window that he had entered by was getting nearer and nearer, but so was the cat.

A large snapping sound filled the air, that caused Scritz to stop in his tracks, but the cat was traveling too fast to react and skidded into the wall. The impact was too much for the remnants of the window and the remaining shards of glass fell from the rotten frame, puncturing the neck of the cat. The cat let out a pained screech, as blood jetted out of the cat’s neck.

Scritz watched his enemy stagger around, before he eventually lost consciousness, his breathing slowing before it inevitably stopped.

As the metal bar of the mousetrap pushed down on Scritz’s neck, a weak grin slowly crossed his lips.

‘Fuck You, Pussy!’


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