Writing Objectives for 2013

A couple of days ago, I wrote this post (2012, a Critical Review of my Year) In which I looked back at my writing through the past year, worked out what I really needed to work on and what I think went quite well. Now that has been done, It’s time to take those comments and build up a list of things to look at or achieve in 2013.

I did a similar thing at the start of 2012, but the things I needed to achieve were rather generic not to mention in some cases a massive undertaking. This year I am going to take the ‘failed’ achievements from last year and rewrite them, breaking them down into a number of easily manageable steps.

“How do you eat an elephant, one small piece at a time.”

You can look at my last years achievements by clicking on this link, but in short I decided in my wisdom that I had to do the following…

Start a writing course

Way too easy this one, needless to say I had no trouble ticking this one off. Trouble is, it meant nothing because it took no effort to achieve.

Get something published

Not a massive task in itself but considering how inexperienced I am in the whole publishing area, this one needs to be broken up into smaller pieces.

Get paid for writing something

Is this very important? Probably not as important as getting something published, and it probably can’t happen without being published.

Finish Draft 1 of my Novel

I’ve commented on this one before here, so want go in to it again but needless to say there were issues with this, again probably because it was too large an achievement.

Right, on to the 2013 achievements, and for those who play World of Warcraft the format may look familiar.

  1. Send off an article for publishing
  2. Send off 5 articles to be published
  3. Send off 10 articles to be published
  4. Have an article published
  5. Have 5 articles published
  6. Have 10 articles published
  7. Complete a draft zero of my novel
  8. Complete first edit of my novel
  9. Plan collection of short stories
  10. Write a short story for the collection
  11. Write 5 short stories for the collection
  12. Write 10 short stories for the collection
  13. Write 20 short stories for the collection
  14. Become comfortable with SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)*
  15. Become comfortable with Photoshop and Illustrator*
  16. Read 12 books (4 completed 1st May)
  17. Read 25 books
  18. Read 50 books
  19. Gain a collective blog following of 500 (Up to about 240 – 1st May)
  20. Gain a collective blog following of 1000
  21. Gain a collective blog following of 2000
  22. Create a catalogue of at least 25 own-made images (Completed 16th Jan, 2013.
  23. Create a catalogue of at least 100 own-made images
  24. Write 25 pieces of flash fiction (9 written – 1st May)
  25. Write 50 pieces of flash fiction
  26. Write 100 pieces of flash fiction
  27. Complete assignment four of my writing course (Completed 14th Jan, 2013)
  28. Complete assignment five of my writing course
  29. Complete assignment six of my writing course
  30. Complete assignment seven of my writing course
  31. Complete assignment eight of my writing course
  32. Complete assignment nine of my writing course
  33. Complete assignment ten of my writing course
  34. Attend a writing conference

So there we are my list of 34 things I have to achieve by the end of 2013. An odd number I know and I did try to get the list up to 37 just because prime numbers are cool. They are cool, right?

*I know comfortable is not really a quantifiable term, but I was avoiding using the term ‘learn’ or ‘understand’ because they are both complex and completely learning them would be a full-time job.

I’ll be printing this list off and pinning it up somewhere, plus crossing things off here when I achieve them.

Is there anything that you think it would benefit me to include on this list? I’m all ears, well eyes technically… ‘cos I’m reading… anyway. Always looking for help and advice.


15 thoughts on “Writing Objectives for 2013”

    1. Be my guest, you’re welcome to use it if you think it will be of help. Evaluation and reflection are always useful and the start of the year is a pretty good time to do it. 🙂

      “Lok’tar ogar”

  1. Jim, happy new year and I hope you achieve your goals. Great list and I shall no doubt try to achieve some of these myself. Do let me know how you get on. Good luck and I really hope you achieve every one.

    1. Thanks for your support, I hope I get them all as well.

      Even completing half of them would be much better than last year.

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  3. Happy new year! The “How do you eat an elephant?” line is my absolute favourite motivational quote ever. I;m pretty sure it’s imprinted on the brain of everyone I know, because I rarely go a whole day without using it.

    Anyway good luck masticating with your pachyderm this year!

  4. Great post. And I really like your list idea. Writing can be so nebulous when you’re just working to word counts, whereas this technique makes everything much more straightforward and adds some challenge to the process. Might have to make one of my own!

    1. Thanks. It’s certainly helped me. I’ve already managed to knock a couple off.

      Plus it was a good chance to create another spreadsheet… Yep, I was in a nerd’s paradise.

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