January 2013’s Writing Update

writing updates 2013It has been near-as-dammit one month since I wrote my objectives for 2013, a relatively long list of thirty-four things that I had to achieve before the fireworks went off for 2014’s New Year. These updates did use to be quarterly, but I figured the longer it is between the updates the more likely it is that time will just run away with me. So monthly updates it is then…

If you want to refresh yourself with my targets you can look here, if you have memorized them all then you don’t need to check but that is one scarily-high level of commitment for minor details you have there. You’re not the one going through my bins at the dead of night are you…?

Hmm anyway, as far as my objectives go I haven’t done too bad. Don’t get me wrong I could have done a hell of a lot worse but for the opening month of 2013 a few things got done.

So far…

  • 25 personally taken images for Image catalogue
  • 4 piece of Flash Fiction
  • Completed Assignment 4 for writing course
  • Began planning collection of short stories.
  • I’m finding time to read again…

I know, I know it’s not a lot. In fact if you boiled all that down to actual work you get something stupid like 250 words a day. However, this is not going to be a mopey post. I’m actually proud of a few things this month, level of work not withstanding. I now have a writing schedule. Each month I look forward and plan the writing that is to be done on each day. 75% of my days are filled with an actual activity, while the remaining 25% are what I call overflow days. Basically, If for whatever reason I do not do the designated writing then it can be done on the next designated overflow day.

This system was implemented about ten days ago and so far I have done everything I wanted on each day, so yay for me.

I am most excited about my new short story writing project. Without giving away too much it is a collection of short stories with each story revolving around a current and well-used ‘system’. I’m still working out the why’s and wherefore’s and there’s a bit of world (well city) building, but everything is pretty exciting. The original novel is still being worked on, but I need something to get my creative juices going, and figured short stories were the way forward.

So looking forward into February, I really need to errr… ‘pull the lead out’ as they say. There has still been far too much procrastination, far too much gaming rather than writing and far too many excuses. So “Bad Jim. Naughty Jim. In your bed! On your rug!” That was me scolding myself, and yes it is a little strange.

Did you set yourself any targets, objectives or achievements for this year? How are you doing?


5 thoughts on “January 2013’s Writing Update”

  1. Wow, I think you have been super productive. My goals, well they were lofty and I’m failing at them,b ut I’m making progress and I think that’s what it is aoubt! Great of luck to you 🙂

  2. My two main objectives for this year are to finishing constructing and writing content for my beatredundancyblues.com website, that will be a one-stop resource to help people who are redundant to get back into work. I need to get it launched. My second is to change my writing website quirkybooks.net into a full-e-Book store and sell my e-Books through it. Books will include those about redundancy to help people get back into work. What course are you doing?

    1. Some pretty exciting stuff going on there. I wish you the best of luck. I’ll be interested in beatredundancyblues.com myself. been out of work now for over 3 months and the fun has started to wear off. 🙂

      The course is The Comprehensive Writing Course from Writer’s Bureau. It’s not too bad it gives you an overview of a lot of different types of writing, I just need to get my nose done and do it.

      1. I started a Writing For Children course with the Writer’s Bureau in 2008 and still haven’t finished it because my work has digressed and I am now writing a lot of non-fiction. Having said that, I have finished writing one picture book and just waiting for my illustrator to complete the artwork so hopefully it should be available on my e-Book store later this year. The tutor I have gave me good feedback on my first assignment. The most important thing the course has given me, is to believe in myself as a writer and in 2009 I had my first article published, that was paid work and by their definition, now makes me a professional writer. Freelance Market News is a monthly magazine that they produce and I would recommend subscribing to it as it has loads of useful information and writing opportunities in it. I had a Star Letter published in it once and they paid me £10.00 even though it was very short. You may like to know I have another WordPress blog http://www.beatredundancyblues.wordpress.com a Twitter account for redundancy @beatredundancyb and a Facebook Page http://www.facebook.com/beatredundancyblues I think you are doing well to pursue a writing course, just keep up the great work.

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