February 2013 Writing Update

It’s that time of the month. It’s time for me to look over the past 28 days and update y’all on just how well I am doing towards achieving all my objectives; an opportunity for me to describe in great length the massive echelons I have traversed in such a relatively short period. Yet this was not the month for great leaps in productivity, as far as my goals go, I have not done a great deal.

In fact the grand total of everything I have achieved in February consists of:

  • 2 pieces of flash fiction
  • 1 book read

However despite what looks to be a tremendous lack of productivity, I have not being sitting on my hands. The exact opposite in fact. (Sitting on somebody elses hands? Hands sitting on you?) OK, not the exact opposite in literal terms, but I have been very active. For those who read this post (It was one of the only three posts I wrote in February) you’ll know that I am hitting the Gym (again not literally, I have better things to do than physically assault a place of exercise). It is all this exercise business that has thrown my otherwise routine existence into chaos. New schedule aside, I am enjoying going I just haven’t got into a routine so it’s a bit more time-consuming than I would like.

So I may not have hit many objectives this month, but I am still feeling pretty good about myself. After all, it is alright for goals to change. Saying that I don’t want to make a habit of using it as an excuse, there are plenty more hours in the day to write in.

Recently, I have noticed that I’m suffering from FAE. For those not in the business of made-up psychological illnesses, FAE is Friend Achievement Envy. I have started to notice just how many people are achieving things (Jo at TheHappyLogophile.com completed the first draft of her novel, another friend of mine is planning to climb K2 or some other insanely large mountain, and I have just received a Facebook invitation to go to a play that another friend of mine is directing, and there’s other stuff too). Now I do want to make it clear that I am not bitter or hostile, I think what they are achieving is fantastic and the results are certainly a testament to all the hard work they have put in to get there. One day it will be me, proudly claiming that has taking real work to produce, but it seems for the time being my own achievements are a little further away.

One day, I’ll get my chance but it can only happen once I have learned to commit myself to something, and stay focused…

…it might be a long road but March is a whole new month. Wish me luck.


2 thoughts on “February 2013 Writing Update”

  1. Good luck! And just so you know, FAE was one of the driving forces in getting me to commit to my writing properly and finish my first draft. So harness that not-bitterness and use it as a force for good rather than evil. πŸ˜‰

    1. Good rather than evil, you say? Hmmm interesting.

      Feel free to achieve even more, just to help me out of course. πŸ™‚

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