April 2013 Writing Update

writing promps creative fiction fountain pen writingFirstly, a big apology because I have only just realised that I completely neglected to write Marchs writing update. Mind you I was just about to go on holiday so I guess I can be forgiven for having my mind elsewhere. So, I suppose this should be more of a two month update.

If you want to acquaint yourself with the previous update you can read it here or you can read all the updates here. Oh, and my 2013 writing objectives are here.

Now, I believe that most of my updates are along the lines of ‘Oh, I didn’t really do this’ or ‘I was having difficulty with this’ well this time I am going to try to do things differently. Celebrating the successes and not dwelling on the stuff that may not have gone so well.

So since the last time I updated you what has happened?

But it’s all the things that don’t have an objective for them that I am feeling best about. I have started a new project, a locked room mystery, and I am really enjoying it. It’s getting all the right parts of my brain going again. Rather than an intensive world building session I am finding the joy in research; grappling hooks, hallucinogenic plants and police procedures are just three of the things I’ve had a look at. It feels good to get everything going again, rather than feeling stuck in the creative mire.

Secondly, I am still going to the gym. I think I briefly mentioned this in February’s update. Thanks to a fairly intensive (for me) regime I am the lightest I have been for at least a decade, my strength, my lung capacity and my general level fitness has improved no end. So I am feeling immensely proud of this, after all how many times do you get to drill two more holes into your belt because it is now too big for you.

I passed my theory test (the second time) I aced the hazard test, but how could I not it’s just like a computer game. I am almost ready to take my practical test, but that one’s a little scarier and I am not quite confident enough to take that one yet.

There is still an incredible amount for me to do, I hope to build up the courage to write and send an article off to a magazine. Something which is taking for more courage than I would have thought initially, I also need to get my head down with the course and do my gods honest best to spend my time more wisely.

It’s a short update, but a positive one. There is plenty more writing for me to do, and I just need to keep the pace and plod on, after all I may get a job soon and then where would all this lovely free time go.

Hope everything is going well with you.


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