Flash Fiction: Falling For Your Boss

falling dropping plummet man business man flash fictionWell after leaving the last flash fiction challenge until pretty much the last day, I thought I would actually write this one a little ahead of time. Mr Wendig from Terribleminds.com, he who is lord and master of all flash fiction challenges. Well the ones on his website anyway, and quite frankly who would want any more.

Anyway, his challenge this week was to randomly choose something from his list of psychic powers and write yourself a bit of flash fiction where the protagonist has this very same power. Well I rolled my trusty D20, and I got the power of…

Duh-duh-duuuuuuh… ‘bi-location’.

I’m pretty sure I knew what bi-location was, but checked on Wikipedia anyway. In short it is the ability to be in two places at the same time.

Here is…

Flash Fiction: Falling For Your Boss

Constance held on to the jacket of her boss, the wind whistled pass their ears, and their business suits flapped as they plummeted towards the ground. Constance looked at him with hate in her eyes as she remembered everything she had seen him do to her. Soon it would all be over, after all they were starting to run out of floors…

Tenth floor… ninth floor… eighth… seventh…

Constance didn’t usually push her bosses off balconies, in fact at work most people would describe her as quiet and timid. Even very timid people have their limits and Mr Stevenson had crossed a very serious line and was being dealt with appropriately.

To understand the situation, you need to know one thing about Constance. Constance has a very unique talent, she can quite literally be in two places at the same time. By focusing all her energy on a location, she will be able to appear there and interact with people and the world as if she was actually there. The original Constance drops into a deep sleep, and remains unconscious until the bi-located Constance returns, with no side effects apart from being a little dehydrated.

Constance wasn’t a superhero though, she didn’t use her power to defeat Machiavellian evil, or robotic super-villains. She would bi-locate to pick up something from the shops she’d forgotten, or to get something from the shed as she cooked dinner. She had used her talent at work a few times, in fact that was one of the causes as to why all her bosses thought she was a miracle. Her last boss had said that “she is very nearly the perfect assistant if it wasn’t for all the power-naps she insisted on taking.”

It was while she was working for Mr Stevenson, Constance had woken up after one of her ‘power-naps’ and she noticed something a little odd. Nothing really sinister or evil, but the door was open. She always made a habit of telling her boss she was going for a sleep and to close the door so she wouldn’t be disturbed. When Constance had asked Mr Stevenson if he knew anything about it, he had admitted it was him, and that he just checked on her because he wanted to ask her something work related. Constance was a little suspicious with her boss’s explanation; but there was no real reason to distrust him.

As the days passed, that event started to gnaw away at Constance. There was something about the way Mr Stevenson acted, he looked at her differently,  and he was a little cagey around her. Constance was starting to distrust him. Why was he in that room? Was he watching her sleep? That would be creepy at any time, but having him there in the room when she wasn’t even in her own body made it much worse.

She needed to find out what he was up to, so she decided to set a trap for him. She would use herself as bait, and then use her unique talent to watch over herself. She told Mr Stevenson she was going for a power-nap, then bi-located to a safe distance and watched her boss to see what he did.

At first he sat at his desk as he always did, finishing his lunch. After about twenty minutes he got up, and left his office. Constance kept an eye on him from across the building; she had only told Mr Stevenson she was sleeping so if anyone else saw her about the office it could be easily explained.

Just as she thought he would, Mr Stevenson opened the room where she was sleeping and crept in. Constance was torn between revulsion and curiosity, she wanted to wake up now and catch him leering over her, but there was a darker curiosity that kept wanting to know what else he would do. She crept up to the door that he had closed behind him, and looked through the keyhole.

Her eyes widened in horror, Mr Stevenson was stood over her. His hands were inside her blouse and clearly stroking her breasts. Soon they were touching her even more intimately. Constance held a hand over her mouth, to suppress the anger that was building up inside. She wanted to rush through the door, and beat his skull in. How could he do this to her? He was raping her while she was unconscious. He must have tested how far he could go over a number of weeks, the thought nearly made her physically sick. The rage built up inside of her then she felt her mind pop. The unfettered anger in her head was replaced with a calm that allowed her to see clearly, a calm that allowed her to see what she must do.

They say hell hath no fury, and Constance was about to prove that in a very final way. Mr Stevenson was drinking his morning coffee on his office balcony. He turned round to see Constance charging at him, he had no time to react as she hit him. The force of the impact pushed them both over the waist-high balcony glass, dropping them towards the concrete floor.

The floors rushed past them… tenth…. ninth…. eight… seventh….

Constance looked into the face of her boss again, and had a thought. Did what he had done to her, really give her the right to kill him?

…sixth… fifth…. fourth…

‘Yes’ Constance thought ‘Yes, it does.’

Constance disappeared from the grasp of her boss, and awoke on the floor of a local coffee-house with the faces of her alibi starring down at her.


6 thoughts on “Flash Fiction: Falling For Your Boss”

  1. Wonderful story! Constance was a very sympathetic anti-hero, and I can understand her actions completely. I really enjoyed how you started the story with the ending, and then flashed back to how Constance had gotten there in the first place. Normally I don’t like external/third-person narrators but it worked really well in your story, and it definitely didn’t feel like anywhere near a thousand words. I could have kept reading, but I fear Mr Stevenson would have run out of floors.

    I think you need to work a little bit to polish off your sentence structure (a misplaced semi-colon here, an ill-used comma there) but it was otherwise one of the most interesting and entertaining stories I’ve read in some time!

    1. Thank you those are kind words indeed. I’m really glad you enjoyed reading it.

      I can get a bit comma/semi-colon happy, so I’ll try and rein it in a little bit more.

      Thanks again.

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