Flash Fiction : The Brothers Dim

Flash Fiction Giant Robot Stomp TokyoWell, here we are again. Time for another flash fiction challenge entry from Terribleminds.com. The flash fiction challenge this week was a sort of follow on from last weeks. Last week he asked to think of last lines, with the view that this week we would be using them for a piece of flash fiction.

Well, there was a bit of a curve ball in that we are using one of the chosen ten last lines as an opening line. The one line that called to me was…

“That plan didn’t fly, superhero, and now we’re short a bazooka.”

Why did it stick out for me? Well, when I read it I instantly had an image of the type of person who would say that. Then all I had to do, was sort out what would actually happen to them. In true me fashion, it’s a little bizarre.

I’m honestly not sure how this piece of flash fiction turned out, so I am going to have to leave it you and your comments.

Flash Fiction : The Brothers Dim

‘That plan didn’t fly, superhero, and now we’re short a bazooka.’

‘No, we’re short a bazooka shell. We still have the bazooka, Dillhole!’

‘Well do we have another shell?’

‘Err… no.’

Jake and Luke were identical twins. Everything about them was the same, same blonde hair, same dimpled chin, same lazy and irresponsible attitude, everything.  This isn’t usually a problem for them, on a normal day Luke would slouch on the sofa in his parent’s basement and watch re-runs of Battlestar Galactica, while Jake, the more responsible brother could occasionally tear himself away to turn up for his part-time job working in the video store.

This was not a normal day, Luke had spent the better part of the day away from his sofa and Jake hadn’t turned up for work. Well, in that respect it was a fairly normal day for Jake. What was certainly a little far from the norm, was the two hundred foot metal robot that was now making quite a mess in their hometown. The residents, who had successfully fought off two Nazi invasions during World War II found themselves rather ill-equipped to deal with a large robotic alien killing-machine, and had promptly fled but if there was one thing Luke had learnt from watching science-fiction it was how to defeat robotic alien menaces… IF there was one thing he had learnt…

Jake and Luke cowered behind an abandoned truck, as the robot fired his eye-laser indiscriminately at the town, sending shards of white wood and rubble into the air.

‘So what’s next?’ asked Jake. ‘Now that we’ve wasted our only bazooka shell on that oh-so-terrifying Post Office. What’s our next plan?’

‘Why don’t you tell me. You haven’t exactly been over burdening me with suggestions have you, Ass!’

‘Son of a…’ the sentence wasn’t finished as Jake thought that his point could be better put across by punching his brother on the nose. This resulted in a retaliatory strike into his jaw, and then a sort of rolling-on-the-floor /wrestling thing until the top of the truck was blown off by giant robot laser fire showering the two brothers with dust and soot.

They poked their heads over the smouldering wreck, and watched as the robot lumbered towards them.

‘Let’s just run’ suggested Jake.

‘Gee what a good idea, why haven’t we thought of that before’ Luke replied, with sarcasm so thick you could beat a whale to death with it.

They darted out from behind the truck and tried to run towards the exit. The walls around the town that had stopped two Nazi invasions meant that the only way to get out of the town was by the front gate, a front gate which by pure bad luck was being blocked by the very same giant alien robot they were trying to get away from. A few laser-fire pot shots convinced the two brothers that escaping now would not be the best way to a long and non-laser-scarred life. They turned round and ran back to the shelter of what was left of the video store before laser fire tore the road up behind them.

‘So, we can’t kill it?’ said Luke.

‘Nope, and that metallic bastard is blocking the way?’


Luke took a deep breath and gave his brother a glare that he had seen so many of his science fiction heroes do so many times.

‘It’s our time’ he began. ‘It’s our time to stand up and be counted, to stand up for what’s right. To protect our future from tyranny and darkness.’

‘We should hide’

‘Hide? Really? Are we so cowardly, so low? Are we the type of people who would just ignore the destruction of the only place we’ve ever known, ever loved just to save our own asses?’

‘Er, yeah I think we are.’

‘It does sound like us.’

‘We could just stay in your basement and watch Battlestar Galactica again.’

‘Original or re-imagined?’

‘Both. It’s like research.’

The two brothers ran back home, slammed the door and ran down to the basement. They sat on the old sofa, but not before taking a six-pack from the fridge and ringing for pizza, rather unsurprisingly nobody answered but there was enough cold pizza left over from the previous night for this to not be a major concern to them.

As the titles rolled, the two brothers found they could zone out. They could zone out the sound of the explosions outside and they could zone out the shaking from the top floors being destroyed.

Jake passed Luke a cigarette.

They were also completely oblivious to the smell of the gas pouring into the room from the split gas-main, when they lit their cigarettes.



If you want to read more of my flash fiction, you can read it here.


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