Couch Rebels and CausePub

Couch Rebels Cover ShotCausePub is an organisation that was set up to help worthy causes by selling e-books. These e-books are collaborative, with hundreds of authors weighing in to help.

Their latest book is called Couch Rebels, and quoting directly from the CausePub website…

“Couch rebels are people who have been outside their comfort zones (whether voluntary or involuntary) and have allowed those experiences to change their lives. While the rest of society is imitating potatoes, couch rebels are learning, growing, and experiencing the incredible things life has to offer.

These moments of adventure provide us with our best stories. Nobody’s going to tell their friends about how they watched football five years ago on Sunday afternoon. But for the rest of their lives they’ll talk about the time they backpacked through India or when they fed a homeless person.”

The book will be released as a kindle e-book on August 14th for $9.99, and all the proceeds will go to Blood:Water Mission. A charity devoted to empowering communities to work together against the HIV/AIDS and water crises in Africa. If you want to buy your own copy of the book, and help you can do so by clicking this link

What? You want a little more convincing?

“For every book sold, Blood:Water Mission, will be able to provide three people with clean water for one year.”

The goal of this Cause is to sell 15,000 copies, which will allow them to impact 45,000 lives!

So if you do want to help, click this link and buy yourself a copy. It’s worth it just to get your hands on such a diverse collection of stories as Couch Rebels.


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