Flash Fiction: Eight Random Words

flash fiction shop shopping food snacksIf you were to ask me when the last time I wrote some flash fiction that wasn’t connected to an external challenge of some sort, I really would be hard pressed to remember. I shouldn’t need a reason to write flash fiction, especially seeing as I can’t seem to get my brain in the right gear to write at the moment. So, now is as good a time as any to write one.

I’ll randomly generate eight words, and my own personal challenge is to use all of those eight words in a piece of flash fiction no more than 200 words. Could be easy, could be ball-achingly difficult. I guess, we’ll see once I generate the words. Drum roll please.

  • book
  • lighter
  • doughnut
  • aroma
  • lemonade
  • loaf
  • torture
  • walking stick

That’s an odd mix of words.  I wonder what my mind and errant fingers will come up with. Let’s see.


Jesse took step, after awkward step, up to the supermarket, leaning hard on her walking step as she hobbled through the automated glass doors. Her senses were instantly bombarded with the aroma of fresh loaves of bread, that she felt had the express purpose of tempting her into giving in.

Slowly she made her way through what had become her own unique torture room. Rows of cheap cakes and doughnuts beckoned to her, bottles of cola and lemonade leered at her from their high shelves, and bags of crisps and snacks claiming to be lighter than each other spread their lies right in front of her.

She’d been sweating, she was breathless and her ankles were sore from her own weight, but she was determined to do this. She had done so much, she couldn’t give up. She had too much to lose, and too much to fight for.

Jesse took a deep breath and removed the little red book from her purse. The book that had always given her strength. She turned to the very last page, and smiled to herself as she read before moving down the aisles with the determination to succeed.


If you want to read any more of my flash fictions, then they should all be accessible from here. Have fun.


So, what are you thinking?

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