Flash Fiction Challenge: 200 Words At A Time, Part Two

It’s part two of the Terribleminds.com flash fiction challenge. As a reminder the challenge is set over 5 weeks. For the first part of the challenge we had to write the opening 200 words to a piece of flash fiction. In the second week of the challenge we pick up someone elses first 200 words and we write the next 200 words. Next week we’ll choose someone elses story and add the third 200 words and so on until there are several 1000 word pieces of flash fiction with five authors.

Well, for this part I have chosen to continue Dangerdeans story entitled Blackout.

So here we have it. Dangerdeans original 200 words followed by my addition.

Flash Fiction Blackout Part 2

The text message wouldn’t send.

That was the first clue that something was wrong. It didn’t seem like a clue at first. It just seemed like she’d lost connectivity, which happened in some parts of the city. A quick look at the screen showed “No Service” at the top left corner. She turned off the phone, hoping that she’d get a signal once it re-started, and she could let Dave know she’d be late because the bus hadn’t come on time. While waiting she looked up, and noticed that while she’d been occupied with the phone the city had gone dark. Street lights were dark. The condos across the street were dark. The traffic lights at Kingsway and Edmonds were dark, and there was, in fact, no traffic at all.

There must have been an accident somewhere, she thought. A bus hit a pole or something, so there’s no power and traffic is stopped. It was a clear night, and the full moon lit the streets, so she decided to walk to the train station. Ten or fifteen minutes on foot beat waiting for a bus that might never come.

She’d almost reached the station when she saw the rats.


Hundreds of them, pouring out of the entrance to the station and rushing in what she could only guess was fear, towards her.

She screamed  and started to run. Her shoes, too high-heeled for to be able to run properly and the heaving carpet of rats was gaining on her.


A high-pitched whistle accompanied by a brilliant white light drowned her senses forcing her to cover her ears, close her eyes and pray the rats were equally stalled.  After a few seconds the noise and light faded away leaving silence. She tentatively opened her eyes. The rats had all gone but everything else was as it was before. The streets were still dark and deserted.

Her phone vibrated once. It was a text message from an unknown number.


Still with no signal, she looked around, gripping on to her phone as a spike of fear shot through her. She was being watched. She looked up, swallowed and saw a streetlight glowing in the distance.

Her phone buzzed again. Incoming text. Unknown number.


After putting her phone in her pocket, but still gripping it tightly she started to walk towards the glowing streetlight.





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